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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes – Who Watches the Watchers?

More elders are dependent on third parties for daily care. This, combined with the facts that they have more financial resources than previous generations are living longer, have led to a major reshaping of elder care facilities. Long term care institutions and hospices are now almost entirely profit driven and often owned by investors rather than health care professionals.

Special Needs Planning & the Rise of Directed Trusts

This presentation focuses on the increasing use of Directed Trusts in Special Needs Planning, and discusses the Uniform Directed Trusts Act.

Estate Planning – Basics and Future Trends

A discussion of the building blocks of an estate plan and factors to consider when developing one for a client.

Mistreatment of African American Elders

The paucity of data on elder mistreatment is made worse by the intersectionality of race and age. This presentation will focus on risk factors for African American older adults for elder mistreatment within the framework of health disparities and social justice. It will also highlight resources for legal professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in the area so they can engage in culturally appropriate approaches to justice for this community.