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Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Avoid the traps of discipline or becoming a named defendant in litigation as we discuss your ethical obligations when representing clients with diminished capacity.

Construing and Modifying Wills & Irrevocable Trusts-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other interested parties often encounter circumstances necessitating a petition to a court of equity to modify or construe a testamentary instrument. This session discusses options under Illinois law to construe or modify irrevocable trusts and wills.

New Normal in the Probate Division: Recent Developments & Lessons Learned-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Court access and procedures have changed due to the pandemic and new legislation. In this session attendees will learn what judges think practitioners should know and what they would like to see in their courtroom.

Citations to Discover/Recover Assets-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

This session will provide a review and update of significant caselaw developments since 2020.

Federal Income Taxation for Estate Planning & Administration - 65th Annual Estate Planning Short Course 2022

Understand recent developments in income tax matters and the impact on estate planning and administration.