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Veterans Day CLE Conference 2022

The Veterans Committee of the DuPage County Bar Association and the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers present a joint CLE program on legal issues facing our nation’s veterans. Topics covered include: Veterans' Benefits and More; Practicing VA Law; Estate Planning for Heroes; the PACT Act; and Camp Lejeune Water Contamination and Burn Pits.

Use of the Business Valuation Beyond the Value of the Business

There are several uses for the business valuation beyond simply valuing the business. Learn other ways in which to use the information, such as to help determine the owner’s true economic income for support; to locate hidden assets; locate additional liquidity. Other tips covered will include how to structure a settlement when the only significant asset of the marital estate is the business; what if non-marital real estate is used by or leased to the marital business or vice versa; and how to get these items covered indirectly in trial.

Overview & ABC’s of Valuation Approaches the Expert Should Consider in Valuing a Closely Held Business

A brief overview of the Market, Income and Asset approaches – what are they and how they should be used. Learn the valuation methods to be used within each approach and when each is appropriate.

Business Valuation Opinions and Reports and their Usage in a Divorce Case

• Discuss a Calculation – Calculated Value; Restricted Valuation; and Valuation – Opinion of Value • When and when not to use each of these types of value • Advantages of a Detailed Report vs a Summary Report. • Should a Business Valuation be used in this case based on the cost?

Overview of Valuations in Divorce


Environmental Law In Corporate and Real Estate Transactions 2023 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER A complete guide to environmental issues raised in corporate and real estate transactions.
From $165.00

Nonprofit Law Series

Learn how to properly navigate your nonprofit clients through the legal framework within which they must operate. This webcast series with attorneys from Wagenmaker & Oberly, LLC will walk you through the process from Starting a Nonprofit all the way to Nonprofit Dissolution covering such topics as federal tax issues, ethical issues for attorneys involved with nonprofits, nonprofit real estate, and transitions in between. Sessions are one hour and begin at Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on February 28th. Attend the entire series, or only those sessions that you choose.
From $60.00

The Questions Keep Coming: Hot Issues with FOIA and OMA

Contentious issues involving the Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Act can somedays feel like the “Municipal Attorneys Full Employment Act.” Questions such as those about personnel records, police videos, texts by elected officials, social media posts, unduly as well as not unduly but still tremendously burdensome requests, and remote meetings continue to pop up in our daily practices. This session will be devoted to addressing some of the more sticky and recurring sunshine law issues and the latest developments in those areas. Bring your questions and examples to share.

I Can’t Believe How That Arbitrator Ruled – The “Public Policy” Exception

Understanding the Availability and Limits of the “Public Policy” Exception to The Finality of Arbitrators’ Decisions in Public Employee Discipline Cases.

Zoning and Development Discussion


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