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Why Are My Child Support Numbers Different Than Yours? Tax Implications in Support and Maintenance 2024

Have you ever tried to determine child support and the calculations you received are vastly different from the calculations provided by your client, opposing counsel, or even the Judge? Explore the variables, assumptions, and tax implications which impact child support calculations irrespective of whether child support is based on statutory guidelines. Recognizing and understanding the variables which may impact child support calculations encourages financial transparency, thereby enhancing the path to resolution.

Child Support Guidelines 2024: Deviating from the Presumptive Award

The Illinois Child Support Guidelines provide that the court may “deviate” from the presumptive award “if the application would be inequitable, unjust, or inappropriate.” Review how the guidelines were developed, what are they based on and what “other factors” have courts considered that should not be overlooked. Focus will be on how to argue for deviations including in a high-income case, how to argue for private school and extracurricular activities, and medical and childcare expenses.

On the Nature of Child Support and Maintenance Presumptions 2024… Hard and Soft

The 2019 maintenance guideline amendments did much more than simply make changes to our percentages from the 30/20 rule to a third/quarter rule. Instead, they reintroduced terminology from our case law and introduced many other overlooked provisions within our statute. This session addresses what it takes to deviate from the support and maintenance guidelines. This includes soft and hard presumptions, bursting bubbles, and the clear-and-convincing evidence standard to rebut the guidelines.

Causes of Action: Contract and Business Disputes 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys and other professionals dealing with causes of action in contracts and business disputes.
From $105.00

Telling a Story with the Financial Affidavit 2024

Telling a Story with the Financial Affidavit 2024: What Numbers Do You Use? Historical, Prospective, Etc.

Mortgage Foreclosure: Practice and Procedure 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Essential reference tool covering a broad spectrum of practices and procedures related to mortgage foreclosure topics.
From $160.00

Mortgage Foreclosure: Corresponding Issues 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Essential reference tool covering a range of specific mortgage foreclosure issues.
From $150.00

Felony DUI Updates 2024: PFA Changes & Causation

The Pretrial Fairness Act means that the court’s consideration of the facts surrounding a client’s DUI arrest at a detention hearing means the difference between conducting client meetings in your office or at the jail, and the causation requirements for proximate cause of injuries offers opportunities to present affirmative defenses in light of the Illinois Supreme Court’s holding in People v. Way.

Unraveling the Impact of AI In Workers’ Compensation Practice

This course examines how Artificial Intelligence impacts practice before the Worker's Compensation commission, as well as the before the Appellate Court? The course includes a discussion of what AI is, AI tools that are available, their limitations, and the ethics of AI use in legal practice. It includes discussion of how this technology can impact work done before the Workers' Compensation Commission and Appellate Courts.

Navigating Transitions: Safeguarding Worker & Employer Interests in Work Comp Cases

This course addresses Workers' Compensation cases in which a worker is not returning to their previous employment. Topics addressed include: Cases with accepted and disputed body parts, periods of lost time, medical bills, Social Security implications, pension funds, group insurance liens, and Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Set Aside Update and Review

This course provides discussion and updates on three areas of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act: 1. Mandatory Insurer Reporting 2. Conditional Payment Reimbursement 3. Future Medical Consideration.

Handling Death Cases

This course addresses topics associated with death cases in Workers' Compensation. The discussion includes establishing beneficiaries, what benefits are available to beneficiaries, and what benefits are payable when workers die of causes unrelated to accident.

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