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Estate Planning – Basics and Future Trends

A discussion of the building blocks of an estate plan and factors to consider when developing one for a client.

Construing and Modifying Wills & Irrevocable Trusts-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other interested parties often encounter circumstances necessitating a petition to a court of equity to modify or construe a testamentary instrument. This session discusses options under Illinois law to construe or modify irrevocable trusts and wills.

How to Leverage the Internet to Ethically Market Your Estate Planning Practice and Improve Client Relationships

The world around us continues to evolve with new technologies, social platforms, and methods of communication. While these advances bring innovative marketing and communication opportunities for lawyers, they also raise new (and old) legal and ethical considerations. Learn about the various platforms and services available to your practice, identify potential ethical and legal issues, and prepare to implement strategies for delivering superior client services to the next generation of inherited wealth.

Hit Refresh: Modifying Irrevocable Trusts

Determine how to draft to facilitate changes/updates, and what to do without that drafting, with special focus on consolidation, nonjudicial settlement agreements, late disclaimers, and decanting.

Best Practices for Fiduciary Communications During Estate (and Trust) Settlement - Striking a Balance Between What’s Required and What Actually Works

Learn to navigate communication and information sharing during the estate and trust settlement process, from filing the will to asset distribution and everything in between. Explore whether compliance with the statute is enough to keep the waters calm.

Pitfalls of Pay on Death: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Starting with an overview of Payable on Death (POD) accounts and apportionment rules in Illinois, this program guides you through three case studies that help illustrate the pros and cons of POD accounts as well as a set of best practices to employ when dealing with clients with these accounts.