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ADR 101: Everything You Want to Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution But Are Afraid to Ask

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be a tool considered for any dispute from pending litigation to pre-litigation. Learn from a panel of experienced attorneys about the ADR process, practical tips, and advice for how it can be an effective tool in any practice area.

Proactive Planning: Potential Disputes in Family Business Succession Planning

Enhance your ability to serve your family business clients by anticipating and planning for potential succession planning issues in the context of the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in history and evolving social norms. Gain a more thorough understanding of the issues that arise in planning for the transition of a family business from the senior generation to the next generation in line, particularly when the challenges the next generation is facing may not have been at issue for prior generations.

How to Leverage the Internet to Ethically Market Your Estate Planning Practice and Improve Client Relationships

The world around us continues to evolve with new technologies, social platforms, and methods of communication. While these advances bring innovative marketing and communication opportunities for lawyers, they also raise new (and old) legal and ethical considerations. Learn about the various platforms and services available to your practice, identify potential ethical and legal issues, and prepare to implement strategies for delivering superior client services to the next generation of inherited wealth.

Adjusting to Post-Pandemic Life: Lawyer Well-Being and the New Normal

Learn how to address the mental health challenges of the legal profession that drain lawyers’ energy, lead to harmful coping strategies, and stand in the way of their own success and happiness as professionals, community participants, and family members.

Navigating the Ethical Challenges of Law Office Management

Starting with an overview of access to legal services statewide, Melissa Smart, Director of Education at the ARDC, offers unique insights gained through the ARDC's enforcement role, provides practical guidance for addressing wellness and reputational issues, and forecasts developments that will impact all practice areas, including emerging technologies such as AI and revisions to RPC 1.5 and 1.15, effective July 1, 2023, regarding bookkeeping and safeguarding property.

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Lawyers

This dynamic learning experience provides the foundational knowledge needed to understand the evolution of blockchain technologies and what you can expect as they continue to impact the practice of law, including attorneys’ fees, proving asset ownership, smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations, the Illinois Blockchain Technology Act, and more.

The FTC and New Media

Gain a working knowledge of the federal guidelines that govern the use of endorsements and testimonials in social media marketing.

The Upside-Down Client: How to Avoid Nonpayment of Legal Fees and Other Stranger Things

A panel of attorneys from several practice areas present a practical and compelling CLE program on attorney fee agreements, challenges with fee collections, rules, ethics, pre- and post-judgment fee collection strategies, and tips for a successful collection proceeding.