Ordering Information

By Phone:

Contact Customer Service at (217) 787-2080
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central

Over the Counter Purchases:

In Springfield:

IICLE® publications, recorded programs and live course registrations may be purchased over the counter at IICLE® headquarters, 3161 W. White Oaks Dr., Ste. 300, Springfield, IL 62704.

In Chicago:

IICLE® publications may be purchased at the Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, 1st Floor, downtown Chicago. We recommend calling the CBA membership office at (312) 554-2130 for details and to verify availability before visiting the bookstore.

Note: Prepayment by cash, check or credit (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) is required for all orders.

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges:

As a general rule, IICLE® does not accept returns or issue refunds or exchanges, except as otherwise indicated for live event tuition. All "electronic" products (including, but not limited to, subscriptions, ebooks, online on-demand programs, and a/v recordings) are non-returnable and non-refundable. IICLE® does not assume responsibility for any damage that occurs during shipping. Please contact IICLE® Customer Service at (217) 787-2080 for additional questions.

Shipping Policy:

Shipping Policy: IICLE® ships most orders by close of the business day following the receipt of the order in Springfield. Regular ground shipping via UPS is FREE to any location in the continental United States. Some audio CDs and DVDs will not ship immediately if the program has not yet been recorded. Expected ship dates for those products are posted on the designated product description page. Regular ground shipping via UPS is FREE to any location within the continental United States.

P.O. Boxes:

IICLE® does not ship to Post Office Boxes – please provide a valid street address for delivery.

International Shipping:  Please telephone a customer representative at (217) 787-2080 for information about shipping outside the continental United States.

Refund Policy for Live Programs (In-Person, Simulcasts, & Webcasts)

In order to receive a full refund of your live program tuition, including a refund for the pre-order of printed program materials, you must cancel your registration no fewer than 10 business days prior to the program date. If you do not cancel within that time period, no refund will be issued but you will receive access to the online on-demand recording of the program and the program materials (if available). If you pre-order a set of printed program materials and do not cancel your registration in time to receive a refund, a copy of the materials will be shipped to you. Please note that IICLE does not issue refunds in the form of a credit on account. IICLE reserves the right to prohibit refunds for specific programs or in conjunction with specific discounts or special offers.

Financial Hardship Policy and Scholarship Application

Purpose. The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE®) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the professional development of Illinois lawyers for the ultimate benefit of the public they serve. As a central part of this mission, IICLE® offers continuing legal education programs focused on Illinois law and practice. IICLE® recognizes that financial hardship may be a barrier for some attorneys who would like to avail themselves of the benefit of IICLE® programs and offers a tuition waiver program to assist select individuals who might not otherwise be able to participate in the IICLE® experience.

Minimum Eligibility. All tuition waiver applications submitted under this policy are reviewed by IICLE® and eligibility determinations are made on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of IICLE®. Individuals who meet the following minimum requirements are eligible for consideration of a tuition waiver:

  •        Must possess an active license to practice law in Illinois;
  •        Must not have been approved for a financial hardship tuition waiver in the attorney’s same reporting period for which the request is made; and
  •        Must attest to significant financial hardship or to the attorney’s full-time employment in a legal practice that consists entirely of full-time public interest work.  

Evidence of Financial Hardship. The applicant must also provide an affidavit attesting to significant financial hardship such that the applicant has limited financial means to participate in continuing legal education programs because: (1) the applicant has experienced a recent personal or professional hardship that significantly impacts the applicant’s finances and/or earning capacity; or (2) the applicant’s legal practice is 100% dedicated to full-time public interest work. Full-time public interest work is defined solely as full-time employment by an organization that provides free or low-cost legal representation to Illinois citizens. In some circumstances, and at its sole discretion, IICLE® may request additional information in support of the application.

Extent of Awards. Regardless of the requested tuition waiver amount, IICLE®, in its sole discretion, will determine whether a tuition waiver is granted and, if granted, what the amount of the tuition waiver will be. In accordance with Illinois MCLE Board Rules, for any IICLE® continuing legal education program with a tuition amount over $500 for which a tuition waiver is granted, the amount of the waiver will be at least 50% of full-price tuition. All tuition waivers are based on the full-price tuition of the program, which is the price before any discounts are applied. Applicants must limit tuition waiver applications to one specific IICLE® program. IICLE® will automatically reject any application that requests a tuition waiver for multiple programs.

Exclusions. This financial hardship policy applies only to IICLE® continuing legal education programs and does not apply to: IICLE® publications; IICLE® forms; any bundled or packaged continuing legal education programs offered at a discount; IICLE® MCLE Complete; and IICLE® subscription services, including subscriptions that provide access to continuing legal education programs. IICLE® reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and at any time and for any reason, to exclude any program, product or service from the tuition waiver program.

Application Process. To apply for a tuition waiver under this IICLE® Financial Hardship Policy, the applicant must complete the Scholarship Application in its entirety and submit it to IICLE® in a timely fashion.  Please note that tuition waiver applications for live attendance at IICLE® programs must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance of the scheduled program date in order to ensure timely consideration.

Minimum Requirements for Consideration of Scholarship Application

  • The applicant must be a member of the Illinois bar, in good standing, and in active status in Illinois;
  • The applicant must provide evidence of a significant financial hardship or evidence that the applicant is engaged in full-time public interest work.

Send Your Scholarship Application and All Related Documentation to or Fax to 217-546-6096.