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Dick Bales’ Complete Guide to Deeds

Real estate attorneys work with deeds every day. Attorneys for sellers of land prepare deeds for their closings. Attorneys may think that “deeds” are a fairly mundane topic, but Dick Bales hopes to prove otherwise. Dick has put together a comprehensive handout discussing virtually every facet about deeds, including such matters as the Doctrine of After Acquired Title, Dresser Drawer Deeds, Signature by Mark, and Underwriting Wild Deeds. Public Act 102-927 recently amended 765 ILCS 5/8, the statute on special warranty deeds. This new legislation has resulted in some controversy. Dick has attempted to study the issues from all angles, and he hopes to provide some thoughtful commentary on this very topical subject.

Mechanics Liens and Lien Litigation in Illinois

The program includes: general mechanics liens concepts, mechanics liens on private projects, mechanics liens on public projects, and addresses specific verbiage and timelines that should be considered when drafting and filing for mechanics liens.

Ethical Issues in Distressed Real Estate

Be alert to specific ethical issues for Illinois attorneys that involve matters pertaining to distressed real estate and learn about best practices for handling these issues when they arise.

Mortgage Loan Loss Mitigation

Learn about the status of Illinois law (2022) with regard to foreclosures and about various loss mitigation options, including conventional sales, short sales, use of bankruptcy, foreclosures of reverse mortgages, modifications, consent judgments, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

Aspects of Commercial Foreclosures

This session focuses on unique aspects of commercial foreclosures (as compared to residential foreclosures), including receivership, alternative sales, guarantor liability and mechanics liens.

Case Law Update on Foreclosures (2022)

Learn about the latest developments in Illinois foreclosure law from recent cases and updates to statutes.

Building Your Brand – Easy & Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Firm

Sabrina Bier and Jayne Corcoran will take you through the overall branding process, how to establish your online presence, managing customer relations, exploring options for outreach and finding what works for you, strategic social media use, executing your marketing plan, and ethics considerations.

Condos, Townhomes and Co-Ops

An attorney could walk down the street and see three identical buildings. Although these buildings might be identical on the outside, one could be a townhouse, one could be a condominium, and one could be a cooperative. What is the difference between these three types of multi-family living structures? Dick Bales will discuss all three, with plenty of practical information for the real estate practitioner.