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Unraveling the Impact of AI In Workers’ Compensation Practice

This course examines how Artificial Intelligence impacts practice before the Worker's Compensation commission, as well as the before the Appellate Court? The course includes a discussion of what AI is, AI tools that are available, their limitations, and the ethics of AI use in legal practice. It includes discussion of how this technology can impact work done before the Workers' Compensation Commission and Appellate Courts.

How to Start and Grow Your Own Successful Estate Planning Practice

This course discusses the process of building up your book of business in your trusts & estates legal practice. Topics include: Moving into your own practice, business infrastructure, issues once you have started, staffing, use of Artificial Intelligence, and adding partners.

Can Your Robot Get Divorced? - Business Valuation, Financial & Tax Issues in Divorce 2024

This course, session 5 of the Business Valuation, Financial & Tax Issues in Divorce 2024 seminar, looks at: The expected impact of Artificial Intelligence on the practice of law; different types of AI models, how they are trained, and their limitations; and some AI services currently in the market.

Generative AI and the Law: What You Need To Know

Get up to speed quickly with generative AI, current AI regulations worldwide, and the professional conduct implications of AI in the practice of law.

Generative AI and IP Law: What You Need to Know

Get up to speed quickly with generative AI and intellectual property issues, such as copyright infringement, fair use, licensing, trade secrets, and patent law.

ChatGPT in the Legal Field: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Ethical Considerations

Gain valuable insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the law. Through real-life examples and demonstrations, explore how ChatGPT can enhance legal research, drafting, client communication, and even marketing while also considering potential ethical considerations as you incorporate ChatGPT into your legal practice.

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Understanding the Current State of Blockchain


Understanding the Current State of Blockchain

Learn why blockchain technology is important beyond cryptocurrencies and how the technology is being used today.

Review of Ethics and Technology Issues In a Post-COVID World

Assess new tech designed to aid your clients and practice while exploring persistent and forthcoming ethical concerns with client communication, firm advertising, e-discovery, admissibility, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the degree to which we conducted business and communicated online, introducing new opportunities and potential pitfalls for practices, client matters, litigation, and more. Tom Reuland covers confidentiality and privacy, types of data and strategies for discovery and preservation, overcoming challenges to introducing electronic evidence, use of social media by firms and attorneys to promote their services, and technologies that will aid your practice and benefit your clients.

Planning for the Disposition of Professional Practices – The Ins and Outs of Holding and Selling Professional Practices

For clients who own all or a portion of a business, estate planning considerations often include some form of succession plan or pre-arranged buyout. This presentation covers specific hurdles and requirements for medical professionals, attorneys, accountants, and others who may have ownership in a professional practice in planning for their legacy. Includes an overview of relevant Ilinois statutes, rules and regulations and additional guidance on succession planning, business structure, and asset protection concerns.

How to Leverage the Internet to Ethically Market Your Estate Planning Practice and Improve Client Relationships

The world around us continues to evolve with new technologies, social platforms, and methods of communication. While these advances bring innovative marketing and communication opportunities for lawyers, they also raise new (and old) legal and ethical considerations. Learn about the various platforms and services available to your practice, identify potential ethical and legal issues, and prepare to implement strategies for delivering superior client services to the next generation of inherited wealth.

Navigating the Ethical Challenges of Law Office Management

Starting with an overview of access to legal services statewide, Melissa Smart, Director of Education at the ARDC, offers unique insights gained through the ARDC's enforcement role, provides practical guidance for addressing wellness and reputational issues, and forecasts developments that will impact all practice areas, including emerging technologies such as AI and revisions to RPC 1.5 and 1.15, effective July 1, 2023, regarding bookkeeping and safeguarding property.

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Lawyers

This dynamic learning experience provides the foundational knowledge needed to understand the evolution of blockchain technologies and what you can expect as they continue to impact the practice of law, including attorneys’ fees, proving asset ownership, smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations, the Illinois Blockchain Technology Act, and more.

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