Ethics & Professional Responsibility

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Sunshine Laws 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This handbook acts as a practical guide for the attorney dealing with governmental bodies.
From $145.00

Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain 2022 Edition

An essential introduction to digital assets and related technologies for Illinois attorneys, including conducting investigations, enforcing judgments, and navigating current and forthcoming regulations.
From $35.00

Generative AI and the Law: What You Need To Know

Get up to speed quickly with generative AI, current AI regulations worldwide, and the professional conduct implications of AI in the practice of law.

How To Take Charge of Technology - Ethically and Mindfully

Join attorneys Becky Howlett and Cindy Sharp as they present strategies designed to help attorneys manage and even unplug from the digital world — ethically and mindfully — with special emphasis on MRPC 1.1, comment 8 (“benefits and risks associated with relevant technology”); MRPC 1.6, confidentiality; MRPC 1.3, diligence; and MRPC 8.4, professional misconduct.

Combating Ageism in the Legal Field

Unpack age bias in the legal field — what it is, why it matters, and ways to enhance collaboration across all age levels.

ChatGPT in the Legal Field: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Ethical Considerations

Gain valuable insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the law. Through real-life examples and demonstrations, explore how ChatGPT can enhance legal research, drafting, client communication, and even marketing while also considering potential ethical considerations as you incorporate ChatGPT into your legal practice.

Now available as a live webcast! Join our faculty live via Zoom at Noon on Thursday, November 30th for a live presentation followed by time for Q&A on ChatGPT and AI in a legal practice.
From $50.00

Drafting Contracts for Your Clients' Clients

Understanding 5 key dimensions of your business clients’ operations when drafting their business contracts offers opportunities for counsel to help clients increase sales, overcome challenges, and attain their business goals.

Understanding the Current State of Blockchain


Understanding the Current State of Blockchain

Learn why blockchain technology is important beyond cryptocurrencies and how the technology is being used today.

Recent Developments in Legal Ethics & Well-Being Issues in Attorney Regulation

Jonathan Wier, of the ARDC, summarizes some of their latest reports and statistics, then discusses mental health and attorney wellness issues.

Dismantling Assimilation in the Legal Profession

This course addresses how cultures of assimilation in law firms can negatively affect the work and career growth of attorneys.

Review of Ethics and Technology Issues In a Post-COVID World

Assess new tech designed to aid your clients and practice while exploring persistent and forthcoming ethical concerns with client communication, firm advertising, e-discovery, admissibility, and more.

Adjusting to Post-Pandemic Life: Lawyer Well-Being and the New Normal

Learn how to address the mental health challenges of the legal profession that drain lawyers’ energy, lead to harmful coping strategies, and stand in the way of their own success and happiness as professionals, community participants, and family members.

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