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How to Avoid the Unhappy Unfunded Trust

The estate plan all too often offers little value to the family if the post-signing “funding phase” is not properly addressed.

Presuit, Postsuit, and Post Judgment Fact Investigation

This course explores the differences between Federal and Illinois Civil Practice in the area of Fact Investigation before, during, and after a civil suit takes place.

Key Provisions in Commercial Financing Documentation and Transactions (DCBA)

This program provides an overview of typical documents required for a commercial financing transaction, key provisions to be included in said documentation, and pitfalls to be aware of and avoid from both the borrowers and lender’s perspective.

Joinder of Claims and Parties

This course compares and contrasts the rules, procedures, and statutes related to joinder of claims and parties in the federal and Illinois courts.

Demystifying the Transgender Laws (DCBA)

Every day, the law is evolving related to the rights of transgender individuals. This session will discuss the terminology, state and federal laws related to accommodation of transgender populations.

Modern Land Trust Practice 2023 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This handbook is a comprehensive guide to land trusts.
From $165.00

Drafting Contracts for Your Clients' Clients

Understanding 5 key dimensions of your business clients’ operations when drafting their business contracts offers opportunities for counsel to help clients increase sales, overcome challenges, and attain their business goals.

Class Actions 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This is an essential handbook about representing classes in a class action.
From $175.00

Long-Term Care Litigation 2023 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This handbook is an essential reference tool covering nursing home issues from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspectives.
From $170.00

Choice of Forum and Law

This program is a valuable introduction to the similarities, and differences, between the federal system for determining forum(venue) and the systems used in the Illinois state judicial system for determining forum and choice of law.

Affirmative Pleadings and Their Responses

For lawyers new to practicing in Illinois, this program is a valuable introduction to the similarities, and differences, between federal civil pleadings and civil pleadings in the Illinois state judicial system.

Elements of Illinois Law: Workers' Compensation 2023 Edition

This reference guide provides a broad overview suitable for seasoned and new attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks. Drawing on the experience and expertise of practicing attorneys, this publication offers clear, concise, and current information, best-practice tips, and relevant advice as well as statutory and caselaw references.
From $40.00

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