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Avoiding the Stumbling Blocks in a Guardianship

Whether you are acting as the attorney in a Guardianship for the Petitioner, the Respondent or as the Guardian ad litem, this course will help you navigate through some of the stumbling blocks you may encounter at the different stages of pleadings, discovery and hearings in adult and minor guardianships.

Attorney Fees and Trust Funds: What You Need to Know About Amended Rules 1.5 and 1.15

This course provides an overview of the amendments to Rule 1.5 (Fees) and Rule 1.15 (Trust Funds).

How to File Your First Guardianship Case

In this program (geared toward lawyers with little or no experience in guardianship court), you will learn what steps must be taken before the appointment of a guardian, what to expect on your first court appearance, and what to do after the Court enters a guardianship order.

Immigration Meets Divorce

This program provides a brief overview of the topics and concerns that impact immigration status when divorce is involved.

How to Avoid the Unhappy Unfunded Trust

The estate plan all too often offers little value to the family if the post-signing “funding phase” is not properly addressed.

Key Provisions in Commercial Financing Documentation and Transactions (DCBA)

This program provides an overview of typical documents required for a commercial financing transaction, key provisions to be included in said documentation, and pitfalls to be aware of and avoid from both the borrowers and lender’s perspective.

Demystifying the Transgender Laws (DCBA)

Every day, the law is evolving related to the rights of transgender individuals. This session will discuss the terminology, state and federal laws related to accommodation of transgender populations.

Estate Planning and Probate Issues Faced by Immigrants

This course addresses special issues in estate planning and probate cases faced by immigrants in Illinois and potential solutions to those issues.

Recent Developments in Legal Ethics & Well-Being Issues in Attorney Regulation

Jonathan Wier, of the ARDC, summarizes some of their latest reports and statistics, then discusses mental health and attorney wellness issues.

Advanced Concepts of 1031 Exchanges (Pt.2)

Advanced Concepts of 1031 Exchanges (PART 2)
Matthew Douglas, JD, Accruit
Martin Edwards, JD, CES, Accruit

How to Overcome Substance Use Disorder and Avoid Legal Ethics Issues

In this eye-opening program, veteran attorney Cindy Sharp will share her struggles with alcohol and reveal how she got sober and has remained alcohol free for over eleven years. Attorney and certified contemplative practices teacher Becky Howlett will share her perspectives on the issues and provide practical tips for reducing stress and anxiety.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

How Secondary Trauma Affects Attorney Mental Health

Join Cindy Sharp and Becky Howlett for this timely educational webinar as they explore secondary trauma. Case studies of legal professionals who have experienced the adverse effects of vicarious trauma are included throughout the presentation. They will discuss the concept of a trauma informed law practice and provide tips on how to establish one.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

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