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Civil Practice: Trying the Case 2022 Edition

This handbook provides a complete guide to trying a civil case in Illinois.
From $180.00

Civil Appeals: State and Federal 2022 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER This handbook is the attorney’s guide through all aspects of the civil appeals procedure.
From $180.00

The Do’s and Dont's of Zoom Court (WBAI)

A panel of judges discuss how to appear for court over Zoom, proper courtroom decorum, attire and presentation, and an explanation about local rules, standing orders, and how to properly complete an Order.

Ever Consider Becoming a Judge? (WBAI)

Insight on running for judge, elections, judicial appointments, and the associate judge process in Cook County.

Introducing Evidence at Trial 2022

With in-depth readings, interactive elements, fillable stipulation forms, and over an hour of audio-visual content presented in digestible segments, this multimedia learning experience provides strategies for identifying evidentiary needs, planning for its introduction, responding to admissibility objections, and more.
From $90.00

Civil Trial Evidence 2022 Edition

This comprehensive handbook guides attorneys through the process of establishing the facts of a case and presenting the trial evidence that the jury will see and hear, with insights and best practice guidance from some of Illinois’ leading lawyers.
From $165.00

Pleading and Proving Negligent Entrustment Claims in Illinois

Review the current state of the law regarding negligent entrustment (i.e. what are the elements of the claim, what type of conduct is actionable and what type of conduct is not actionable) and different techniques to discover evidence to survive a motion for summary judgment and win at trial.
From $80.00

Civil Practice: Preparing for Trial 2022 Edition

A complete guide to preparing for a civil trial.
From $180.00

Laying Foundations for Introducing Evidence 2022 Edition

Practical guide for laying foundations for introducing evidence in civil cases.
From $95.00

Logic, Argumentation, and Persuasion

The purpose of this powerful new series from Lenné Eidson Espenschied is to help lawyers develop a practical, working knowledge of the principles of logic, argumentation, and persuasion. “Logic” is a study of the principles of sound reasoning; “Argumentation” is the process of reasoning systematically to support a proposition; “Persuasion” is the process by which a person’s attitudes are influenced by communications from other people. This is a 4-part series of one hour sessions.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Lenné describe why you should attend.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $200.00

Crafting Great Credibility Arguments & “The Cross-Examination of the Century”

Hone your cross-examination skills and examine 26 credibility arguments with master depositions instructor Robert Musante.

In the hands of nationally-recognized depositions instructor Robert Musante, legendary trial attorney F. Lee Bailey’s cross-examination of Los Angeles police detective Mark Fuhrman in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson offers a learning opportunity for trial attorneys on crafting credibility arguments.

Using more than 20 clips from this highly-publicized case, often dubbed “The Trial of the 20th Century,” Musante will teach you how to be a more successful litigator by crafting effective credibility arguments. You won’t want to miss this master class! Musante will teach you how to be a more successful litigator by crafting effective credibility arguments.
From $300.00

Suing and Settling Cases with People Who Have Died

How do you resolve a civil case when the plaintiff or defendant to that case dies? This program answers that question by providing an overview of the probate court process, how that process intersects with civil law, and what must be done to pay out a civil settlement to a probate estate.

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