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Civil Practice Bundle

Bundle of 3 Books That Serve As Useful Research Foundations for New Attorneys, Legal Assistants, and Law Clerks. They Also Make Handy Reference Guides for Seasoned Attorneys.
From $520.00

Sunshine Laws 2024 Edition

This handbook acts as a practical guide for the attorney dealing with governmental bodies.
From $145.00

Causes of Action: Common Considerations 2024 Edition

This comprehensive guide covers the typical elements of an action, including pleadings, discovery, conversion, and injunctions, providing essential insights into the foundation and execution of legal claims.
From $100.00

Federal Civil Practice 2024 Edition

A complete guide to federal civil practice in Illinois.
From $170.00

Illinois Civil Practice Series

New lawyers, and lawyers new to Illinois, will find this series a valuable introduction to the similarities, and substantial differences, between federal civil procedure and civil procedure in the Illinois state judicial system. Buy the entire series of 8 at a discount, or pick and choose only the sessions you need.
From $50.00

Immigration Meets Divorce

This program provides a brief overview of the topics and concerns that impact immigration status when divorce is involved.

Nontrial Civil Case Dispositions

This course explores the differences between federal and Illinois civil practice in case resolution without trial. It contrasts the handling of involuntary dismissals, default judgments, summary judgments, and voluntary dismissals/settlements in the federal and state environment. In each case, federal civil procedure is compared to Illinois civil procedure, with the objective of better preparing attorneys for civil practice in the state. Jeffrey Parness, Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University College of Law, Dekalb Expires: 9/1/2025

Demystifying the Transgender Laws (DCBA)

Every day, the law is evolving related to the rights of transgender individuals. This session will discuss the terminology, state and federal laws related to accommodation of transgender populations.

Class Actions 2024 Edition

This is an essential handbook about representing classes in a class action.
From $175.00

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