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Abolishing IRS Back Taxes

Learn how to eliminate your client's IRS tax debt instead of merely shifting the tax payment burden to an opposing spouse - who may or may not pay. The presentation will focus on the statutory components of three types of relief from joint and several tax liability with relevant citations to the U.S. Tax Code, Treasury regulations, court opinions, and the Internal Revenue Manual.

The Right to Free Tweets: Social Media and Local Government

Social Media sites are a staple in society’s daily life. They offer means to reach communities and constituents and receive community feedback, both positive and negative. This presentation will review and analyze the law surrounding the use and misuse of social media platforms by local governments and governmental officials.

Update on the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

This program presents the current state of this evolving law, defense strategies, a settlement overview and how BIPA and laws like it are having an impact throughout the United States.

Civil Practice: Opening the Case 2023 Edition

This is an essential guide covering the steps an attorney must take to initiate a civil action.
From $180.00

Products Liability Practice 2023 Edition

This handbook is your essential guide to the products liability case.
From $180.00

The Open and Obvious Doctrine After Fox v. Ameren: What is it? When Does it Apply? What are its Limitations?

Delve into the Fox v. Ameren decision, which clarifies the "open and obvious doctrine" and limits its applicability.
From $40.00

Wrongful-Death and Survival Actions 2023 Edition

Essential guide for attorneys dealing with complicated issues in wrongful-death and survival actions.
From $170.00

Creditors' Rights 2022 Edition

Essential guide covering practical information on creditors’ rights issues, including S.Ct. Rule 280 and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
From $175.00

Tort Actions 2022 Edition

Practical reference tool covering the most common tort actions in Illinois, providing a guide tailored for each cause of action.
From $175.00

ADR 101: Everything You Want to Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution But Are Afraid to Ask

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be a tool considered for any dispute from pending litigation to pre-litigation disputes. ADR comes in many forms and sizes from arbitration to mediation. Learn from a panel of experienced attorneys who will discuss the process, practical tips, and advice with ADR and how it can be effective in any practice area.

Civil Practice: Trying the Case 2022 Edition

This handbook provides a complete guide to trying a civil case in Illinois.
From $180.00

Civil Appeals: State and Federal 2022 Edition

This handbook is the attorney’s guide through all aspects of the civil appeals procedure.
From $180.00

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