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Affirmative Pleadings and Their Responses

For lawyers new to practicing in Illinois, this program is a valuable introduction to the similarities, and differences, between federal civil pleadings and civil pleadings in the Illinois state judicial system.

Elements of Illinois Law: Workers' Compensation 2023 Edition

This reference guide provides a broad overview suitable for seasoned and new attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks. Drawing on the experience and expertise of practicing attorneys, this publication offers clear, concise, and current information, best-practice tips, and relevant advice as well as statutory and caselaw references.
From $40.00

Business Law: Choice of Entity 2023 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Comprehensive manual for advising your client in choosing the most appropriate form of business entity as well as the specifics of organizing and operating a corporation.
From $170.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Organizing and Advising a Small Business 2023 Edition

This handbook guides the practitioner through the basic legal issues that should be discussed with a client seeking to organize a business entity.
From $40.00

Estate Planning and Probate Issues Faced by Immigrants

This course addresses special issues in estate planning and probate cases faced by immigrants in Illinois and potential solutions to those issues.

Traffic Court Basics for New Attorneys

Traffic court is often a new attorney's first interaction with the court system. This program aims to inform those lawyers about proper procedure and processes so that they might make the most out of their appearance.

Labor and Litigation & Local Government: COVID-19 and Beyond

An experienced local government law attorney and a justice of the Appellate Court share COVID-19 lessons learned and predictions for the future regarding labor and employment issues for units of local government.

Understanding the Current State of Blockchain


Understanding the Current State of Blockchain

Learn why blockchain technology is important beyond cryptocurrencies and how the technology is being used today.

Changes in the Practice - Generationally and Post-COVID

Has the post-COVID-19 world widened the generational gap among attorneys? Featuring a range of panelists with a variety of years of experience, this session will explore how different generations interpret the recent changes to the practice of law and what changes may be here to stay.

Multistate Jurisdiction Over Trustees & Beneficiaries

Discuss legal and practical concerns relating to the determination of an Illinois court’s jurisdiction over out-of-state trust property, trustees, and beneficiaries. Topics will include the distinction between, and necessity for, in rem and in personam jurisdiction, relevant statutes and constitutional law. Practical solutions, pitfalls and the Illinois Trust Code will be discussed.

Construing and Modifying Wills & Irrevocable Trusts-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other interested parties often encounter circumstances necessitating a petition to a court of equity to modify or construe a testamentary instrument. This session discusses options under Illinois law to construe or modify irrevocable trusts and wills.

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