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AAML-IL Presidents' Day Seminar 2023 - Gender Identity & Family Law (Powered by IICLE®)

Gender Identity and Family Law
Learn about the role of gender in family law practice from an accomplished gender health physician as well as experienced Academy Fellows. The faculty will address both the current law and best practices for communicating with gender diverse families. The program will also feature a judges' panel discussing how to navigate the same issues. In partnership with LAGBAC.

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Digital Forensics 101

An introduction to digital forensics that features the most common ways to locate, preserve, and analyze ESI (electronically stored information) to support matters. Often data originates or is stored in multiple locations, and data can be used in more ways than most people think. We'll walk through use cases, case studies, and how to avoid pitfalls throughout the litigation lifecycle.

Illinois Estate Tax-Relationship to Federal Estate, Gift and GST Taxes, as well as The Relationship Between Forms 709, 706 and 1041

Learn about the areas of overlap and differences between federal and Illinois estate tax law. Learn about challenges you might face if you have no federal estate tax but have an Illinois estate tax. The discussion will also include issues with establishing or changing domicile, structuring an estate plan to minimize Illinois estate tax, and questions you should ask your clients to avoid future Illinois estate tax problems.

Form 8971: Federal Tax Basis Reporting

Basis consistency (IRC §1014(f)) and new reporting requirements with regard to property the value of which is included in a decedent’s gross estate for federal estate tax purposes to be reported to the IRS on Form 8971 and provided to the recipients of the property on Schedules A (IRC §6035) were enacted July 31, 2015. This presentation will overview these new Code sections, the pending Proposed Regulations (and final regulations if issued prior to the presentation), and the new Form 8971 and Schedule A.

Form 706: Federal Estate Tax Return

Proceed step-by-step through the basics of federal gift tax preparation, including calculation of tax due, gift tax splits, and filing procedure and deadlines. Sample completed forms are provided and discussed.

Form 709: Federal Gift Tax Return-Includes An Introduction to the Topic and the Hypothetical

We will walk step-by-step through the basics of federal gift tax preparation, including calculation of tax due, gift tax splits, and filing procedure and deadlines. Sample completed forms will be provided and discussed.

Inside and Outside the Jury Box: Effective Trial Strategies 2023 Edition

This comprehensive handbook guides the attorney dealing with a jury from voir dire through closing arguments.
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Mortgage Loan Loss Mitigation

Learn about the status of Illinois law (2022) with regard to foreclosures and about various loss mitigation options, including conventional sales, short sales, use of bankruptcy, foreclosures of reverse mortgages, modifications, consent judgments, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

Aspects of Commercial Foreclosures

This session focuses on unique aspects of commercial foreclosures (as compared to residential foreclosures), including receivership, alternative sales, guarantor liability and mechanics liens.

Case Law Update on Foreclosures (2022)

Learn about the latest developments in Illinois foreclosure law from recent cases and updates to statutes.

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