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Navigating Transitions: Safeguarding Worker & Employer Interests in Work Comp Cases

This course addresses Workers' Compensation cases in which a worker is not returning to their previous employment. Topics addressed include: Cases with accepted and disputed body parts, periods of lost time, medical bills, Social Security implications, pension funds, group insurance liens, and Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Set Aside Update and Review

This course provides discussion and updates on three areas of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act: 1. Mandatory Insurer Reporting 2. Conditional Payment Reimbursement 3. Future Medical Consideration.

Handling Death Cases

This course addresses topics associated with death cases in Workers' Compensation. The discussion includes establishing beneficiaries, what benefits are available to beneficiaries, and what benefits are payable when workers die of causes unrelated to accident.

The Continuing Problems of Analyzing Medical Bills

This course deals with issues surrounding medical bill analysis in Workers' Compensation cases. If medical bills are protected in the terms along with Utilization Review, how is amount due determined? How can utilization review disputes be resolved? How can co-payments be recovered.

Proving and Defending Cases Under Section 8(d)1 v. “Loss of Occupation” under 8(d)2

This course examines the advantages and disadvantages of the remedies under 8(d)1 and 8(d)2 of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. It does this by analyzing fact situations that could be pursued under these theories of recovery; what evidence is required to prove and defend these cases; and proving suitable employment with a job search.

National Tea Revisited

This course discusses whether the goals of vocational rehabilitation are being met. It also looks back on the National Tea decision, that set the guidelines for later work in this area.

Decoding Benefits: Unraveling the Complexities of TTD, TPD, and Maintenance

This course discusses Temporary Total Disability (TTD), Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), and maintenance benefits. It also addresses strategies used to prove or disprove the need for these benefits.

2024 Workers' Compensation Caselaw Update

Arnold G. Rubin presents recent Illinois Appellate Court cases that significantly impact Workers' Compensation practice, with important insights for both Petitioner's and Respondent's attorneys.

The Illinois Land Trust: Maximizing Benefits for Your Client

Acquire strategies for maximizing the benefits of the Illinois Land Trust. Gain practical insights, navigate legal intricacies, and equip yourself with valuable tools to optimize outcomes for your clients involved in land transactions in Illinois. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

The Creditor’s Perspective on Enforcement and Collections of Real Estate

Essential insights into effective strategies for enforcement and collections from the creditor's standpoint. Gain practical knowledge on navigating legal nuances, optimizing collection efforts, and ensuring efficient enforcement procedures. This session is designed to equip practitioners with key tools and perspectives vital for success in the realm of creditor rights. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

Real Estate Titles from the Succession Planning and Family Law Perspectives: Best Practices and Avoiding Pitfalls

Delve into effective title examination strategies that align with succession planning goals and unravel the intricacies of real estate titles within the context of family law. Navigate the complexities of transferring property through succession planning and gain valuable insights into optimizing family law considerations related to real estate assets. From probate implications to marital property considerations, leave equipped with the tools needed to navigate the intricate web of real estate titles within the broader realms of succession planning and family law. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

Real Estate Titles from the Estate Planning Perspective: Best Practices and Avoiding Pitfalls

Explore the intricate intersection of Real Estate Titles and Estate Planning and Administration. Delve into clients’ common estate planning goals for real estate and the best instruments & tools to carry out those goals. Be wary of titling or transfers to multiple beneficiaries having shared ownership rights and responsibilities in real estate, which often leads to dispute. Uncover pitfalls and misconceptions with living trusts, land trusts, joint tenancy with non-spouses, and transfer on death instruments (such as accidental disinheritance, exposure of assets to waste or creditors, unequal inheritances among beneficiaries, and more). Gain insights into the best practices for streamlining the transfer of real property to address a client’s (and client’s spouse’s) future disability and death. Learn the benefits of selling real estate during probate and trust administration, and which legal document/instrument to prepare and record. Obtain practical knowledge and real-world examples to enhance your proficiency and deliver optimal client outcomes. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

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