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Abolishing IRS Back Taxes

Learn how to eliminate your client's IRS tax debt instead of merely shifting the tax payment burden to an opposing spouse - who may or may not pay. The presentation will focus on the statutory components of three types of relief from joint and several tax liability with relevant citations to the U.S. Tax Code, Treasury regulations, court opinions, and the Internal Revenue Manual.

Nonprofit Real Estate – Special Aspects Including Ownership, Transfer, Property Tax Exemption, and Third-Party Facility Usage

How are nonprofit real estate transactions similar to but different from commercial transactions? To what extent may property tax exemption be available? This session addresses buying, selling, or donating real estate within the nonprofit context, including corporate authorization required for such transaction, potential conflict of interest implications, and related tax and risk management aspects. Additionally, this session will explain legal qualification for religious, educational, and charitable property tax exemption – particularly how it differs from Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, why all the details really matter, and how best to show that fee revenues do not violate the “view to profit” disqualification. Learn how to best structure facility usage arrangements in requisite non-commercial ways, to maximally protect property tax exemption.

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