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Elder Law Short Course 2024

Enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge base and network with peers and experienced faculty at the annual Elder Law Short Course! This comprehensive program is designed for Illinois attorneys specializing in elder law and provides a focused exploration of the most current and critical issues affecting older adults and their families. Topics covered include estate planning, Medicaid, long-term care planning and updates on recent legal developments.
From $600.00

Special Needs Planning & the Rise of Directed Trusts

This presentation focuses on the increasing use of Directed Trusts in Special Needs Planning, and discusses the Uniform Directed Trusts Act.

Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act

The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA) has important implications for special needs trusts, which are explored thoroughly in this presentation.

Process for Trust Decanting, Merger and Terminations

Decanting, merging, and terminating special needs trusts involve many important considerations to ensure that the process avoids any adverse impact on the trusts and your clients.

Tax Considerations: SECURE Act, Qualified Disability Trusts, Tax Filings

Tax frameworks for special needs trusts are constantly changing. Stay on top of the new changes in the SECURE Act, qualified disability trusts, and tax filings generally.

Trust Administration Issues, Including Selecting the Trustee, Designated Rep, Trust Protector, Etc.

The administration of special needs trusts requires thorough evaluation of those involved in their upkeep, including trustees, designated representatives, trust protectors, and more.

Drafting 1st Party Special Needs Trusts

A thorough knowledge of 1st party trust drafting essentials ensures that your clients establish the support their special needs family members require.

Drafting 3rd Party Special Needs Trusts

A thorough knowledge of 3rd party trust drafting essentials ensures that your clients establish the support their special needs family members require.

Special Needs Legislative and Case Law Updates

Get up to date on new cases and Illinois legislation in 2023 that impact every attorney's special needs matters.

Why Our Clients Need the Best Special Needs Planning

An overview of the benefits and program-including waiver programs-that our clients may lose or not be deemed eligible if correct planning is not in place.

Overview of Special Needs Planning Basics 2023

Special needs planning is not just a third party and/or a first party special needs trust. It is not just estate planning, not just guardianship and alternatives to guardianship. In this session, you will also learn how to effectively prepare for and conduct the initial consultation, including topics you should cover in addition to estate planning, such as the who, what, why, where and how of accessing the Illinois “maze” of services for individuals with special needs, Letters of Intent, etc.

Estate Tax Planning for Beginners

This course focuses on strategies you can implement in the foundational estate plan documents you put in place for clients using revocable living trusts. Included are overviews of the federal estate tax, Illinois estate tax, and a variety of trusts. Originally presented as part of the Estate Planning for the 99%.

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