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Insurance Law 2023 Edition

This is an essential reference tool for any Illinois attorney seeking guidance to deal with the complex issues of insurance law.
From $180.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Environmental Law 2023 Edition

This is a practical reference tool for any Illinois attorney seeking information on environmental issues.
From $40.00

Long-Term Care Insurance: Understanding the Contract and Avoiding Denials


As Baby Boomers age, attorneys are encountering more long-term care policies. In this informative program, you will be better prepared to advise clients about long-term care insurance contracts as you learn:

  • the main components of a long-term care contract, including key benefit features;
  • how to navigate the document-intensive claims process;
  • common pitfalls that result in denial of claims;
  • strategies and resources for clients and families managing a claim.

Update on the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

This program presents the current state of this evolving law, defense strategies, a settlement overview and how BIPA and laws like it are having an impact throughout the United States.

The Open and Obvious Doctrine After Fox v. Ameren: What is it? When Does it Apply? What are its Limitations?

Delve into the Fox v. Ameren decision, which clarifies the "open and obvious doctrine" and limits its applicability.
From $40.00

Commercial and Professional Liability Insurance 2023 Edition

Comprehensive handbook covering legal issues unique to commercial and professional liability insurance claims.
From $185.00

Preparing for and Participating in a Successful Mediation

Address selecting the case that is ripe for settlement, determining the correct timing for settlement discussions, and preparing the case, your client, and yourself for a successful mediation. Also cover best lawyer practices when participating in a mediation.

Estate Planning Forms and Commentary: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts 2021 Edition

This handbook is a guide to drafting irrevocable life insurance trusts and includes 16 forms that can be tailored to your clients’ needs.
From $225.00

Causes of Action: Insurance Litigation 2021 Edition

This handbook is a focused review of the elements and pleadings of insurance litigation causes of action in Illinois.
From $80.00

Causes of Action: Consumer Actions 2020 Edition

Practical guide to causes of action in consumer actions.
From $95.00

Dramshop Act Practice 2020 Edition

This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys and other professionals when dealing with the Dramshop Act.
From $145.00

Title Insurance: The Defense Obligation 2019 Edition

This comprehensive handbook, written by William J. Holloway, focuses on the attorney's duty to defend in state and federal title insurance cases.
From $175.00

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