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Commercial and Professional Liability Insurance 2019 Edition

Comprehensive handbook covering legal issues unique to commercial and professional liability insurance claims
From $185.00

Dramshop Act Practice 2020 Edition

This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys and other professionals when dealing with the Dramshop Act.
From $145.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Environmental Law 2020 Edition

This is a practical reference tool for any Illinois attorney seeking information on environmental issues.
From $35.00

Insurance Law 2020 Edition

This is an essential reference tool for any Illinois attorney seeking guidance to deal with the complex issues of insurance law.
From $165.00

Proving Fault in Auto Accident Cases 2020 Edition

This is an essential guide for addressing the complex process of proving fault in auto accident cases.
From $175.00

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Business Interruption: The Developing Coverage Storm Brewing (May 2020)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are looking at the various insurance programs they have in place to determine what coverage might apply. This course covers business interruption insurance and its requirements, reviews the first cases filed for potential coverage, and provides an update on industry response and government solutions.
From $50.00

Title Insurance: Law and Practice 2019 Edition

this title provides an overview of title insurance and the title insurance industry, as well as an in-depth analysis of issues that arise during the title process.
From $175.00

Title Insurance: The Defense Obligation 2019 Edition

This comprehensive handbook, written by William J. Holloway, focuses on the attorney's duty to defend in state and federal title insurance cases.
From $175.00

Causes of Action (Illinois): Insurance Litigation 2017 Edition

This title is a focused review of the elements and pleadings of insurance litigation causes of action in Illinois.
From $75.00

Illinois Bike Law

Learn valuable strategies to implement when your client is involved in a bicycle accident with this explanation of current laws, guidelines, and courtesies related to bicycle use in Illinois. Includes practical advice for completing the Illinois Traffic Crash Report Form (SR 1050).

Insurance Coverage for Construction Defects and Requirements for Additional Insureds

Learn about important differences between the opinions of federal courts and Illinois courts regarding construction defect coverage; AIA documents requiring insurance; and specific requirements for and ethical dilemmas involving additional insureds.

Electronic Health Records: Know What You Don’t Know

Learn about identifying, addressing and resolving issues involving electronic health records in litigation. This includes obtaining records, discovery complications, ensuring record authenticity and provider knowledge of printed reports.

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