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Demystifying the Transgender Laws (DCBA)

Every day, the law is evolving related to the rights of transgender individuals. This session will discuss the terminology, state and federal laws related to accommodation of transgender populations.

Labor and Litigation & Local Government: COVID-19 and Beyond

An experienced local government law attorney and a justice of the Appellate Court share COVID-19 lessons learned and predictions for the future regarding labor and employment issues for units of local government.

Considerations in Connection with Clean Energy Project Development in Illinois

Learn about land use and related legal issues that arise when developing wind, solar, and other clean energy projects, including control provisions used to assist with these issues and relevant sample provisions.

11th Annual Local Government Law Institute

If your practice involves working for or with units of local government, you can't miss the 11th Annual Local Government Law Institute. With a carefully crafted agenda presented by a committee of experienced Illinois attorneys, this program is the best opportunity for comprehensive, practical guidance on local government law issues, including a host of timely and relevant topics along with crucial updates on statutory changes and case law.
From $175.00

Municipal Law: Organization, Operation, and Governance 2023 Edition

Complete guide covering the organization, operation, and governance of municipalities in Illinois
From $170.00

Wellness for Government Law Attorneys

Review recent ARDC Annual Report statistics on mental health and attorney wellness. Tips will be presented for practicing law and self-care and for dealing with stress and depression. The role of colleagues, peers, mentors and of attorney regulation will be discussed as a way of providing meaningful help.

The Questions Keep Coming: Hot Issues with FOIA and OMA

Contentious issues involving the Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Act can somedays feel like the “Municipal Attorneys Full Employment Act.” Questions such as those about personnel records, police videos, texts by elected officials, social media posts, unduly as well as not unduly but still tremendously burdensome requests, and remote meetings continue to pop up in our daily practices. This session will be devoted to addressing some of the more sticky and recurring sunshine law issues and the latest developments in those areas. Bring your questions and examples to share.

I Can’t Believe How That Arbitrator Ruled – The “Public Policy” Exception

Learn about the availability of and the limits of the “public policy” exception to the finality of arbitrators' decisions in public employee discipline cases.

Zoning and Development Discussion 2022

Covers updates on public/private partnerships; zoning code development; comprehensive plans; LaSalle factors; state and federal law considerations. Also offers insights into issues relating to drug rehabilitation centers, data centers, office to residential conversion projects; logistics facilties; renewable energy; and telecommunications.

Advising Local Government Clients in Times of Crisis

Municipal attorneys aren't strangers to being thrown into legal advising on topics they have never been involved in before; often on issues that come up in relation to public crises. How should the attorney respond in these situations when time is of the essence? Local Government lawyers Julie Tappendorf and Steve Elrod use real examples and personal experiences to provide guidance on dealing with such emergencies and crises as natural disasters, mass shootings, the COVID pandemic, and protests and riots.

Signage and Flags – First Amendment Issues Affecting Municipal Governments

• First Amendment and the Forum Analysis • Municipal sign regulation • Speech issues relative to solicitation and panhandling

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