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Conflicts of Interest in Municipal Law

Municipal law by its very nature is more prone to conflicts of interest than other areas of the law. Richard Gleason of the ARDC breaks down the rules around conflicts of interest, as well as how they apply specifically to government law attorneys. Learn how to most effectively serve your clients while also staying on the good side of the ARDC.

Representing Counties: Managing Contending Authorities and Jurisdictions

This course addresses a variety of topics of import when dealing with the mix of elected officials and independent agencies found at the county level. Topics include seeking State Indemnification for Elected Officials under State Employee Indemnification Act; 1983 Defense: Prosecutorial Immunities and claims against correctional facilities for failure to provide medical services; Independent Agencies’ Funding and Representation; PTAB jurisdiction vis a vis circuit court, associational standing, county Board of Review assessment authority versus township assessors.

A Chat With the PAC

Public Access Bureau attorneys discuss recent binding and non-binding opinions on challenging Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Meetings Act issues.

Advising Clients on Conflicts Issues

This panel discussion addresses a variety of topics, including: Demonstrations, protests, and parades on public property; the Illinois Paid Leave Act; regulating unregulated hemp products (Delta 8; THC, etc.); and conflicts of Interest on the part of Elected Officials, among others.

Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA

This course discusses the reasonable accommodation mandate under the ADA and its effect on a municipality’s ability to regulate and enforce zoning and building code requirements. Preventative legislative steps to avoid federal scrutiny, best practices in dealing with accommodation requests, and dealing with litigation, if it arises, are covered.

The First Amendment & Government Social Media Activities

This session discusses the potential legal pitfalls in government social media. It summarizes recent court decisions (1) holding that a government social media account or page is a designated or limited public forum, (2) finding governments in violation of the First Amendment for removing comments that constitute protected speech, and (3) analyzing when an elected official’s personal social media page becomes so entangled with their government duties that it becomes a public forum. It also provides tips for advising local governments on legally defensible social media comment policies.

Local Government Law Institute - Case Law and Legislative Update 2023

The Courts, the Illinois General Assembly, and the US Congress reached decisions and passed laws in 2023 on multiple critically important matters related to governmental bodies at all levels. This course covers the most important judicial and legislative activities from 2023 and their impacts on Illinois local government.

Election Law 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

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Municipal Law Bundle

Bundle of 4 Books That Serve As Useful Research Foundations for New Attorneys, Legal Assistants, and Law Clerks. They Also Make Handy Reference Guides for Seasoned Attorneys.
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Sunshine Laws 2024 Edition

This handbook acts as a practical guide for the attorney dealing with governmental bodies.
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Municipal Law: Contracts, Litigation, and Home Rule 2024 Edition

A complete guide that covers the contracts and litigation involved with municipal law.
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Demystifying the Transgender Laws (DCBA)

Every day, the law is evolving related to the rights of transgender individuals. This session will discuss the terminology, state and federal laws related to accommodation of transgender populations.

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