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Land Use Law in Illinois 2022

Learn about land use law, overcoming obstacles to development, solar and wind energy, a cannabis update, litigation cases and how-to's, and more!

Registration includes post-event access to the online on-demand recording.
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The Do’s and Dont's of Zoom Court (WBAI)

A panel of judges discuss how to appear for court over Zoom, proper courtroom decorum, attire and presentation, and an explanation about local rules, standing orders, and how to properly complete an Order.

Ever Consider Becoming a Judge? (WBAI)

Insight on running for judge, elections, judicial appointments, and the associate judge process in Cook County.

Advocacy 101 (WBAI)

Learn about how to advocate for issues you care about, from the city level to the federal level.

General Tort Immunity: Provisions You Should Know Exist

This program reviews the relevant statutes defining tort immunity and the extent to which these laws "immunize" units of local government from certain types of liability for claims relating to public property, police and fire services, and medical providers and facilities.

Economic Incentives and Tools


Labor and Litigation & Local Government: COVID-19 and Beyond

An experienced local government law attorney and a justice of the Appellate Court share COVID-19 lessons learned and predictions for the future regarding labor and employment issues for units of local government.

Advising Local Government Clients on First Amendment Issues

Learn how to advise clients on a variety of First Amendment concerns, including protests and rallies; signs; special events; flags; political and holiday displays; and social media activities.

Zoning Disputes

This program offers best practices for dealing with controversial land use applications, contested hearings, and legal disputes, including tips for dealing with objecting neighbors, conflicts of interest, frontage protests, split boards and councils, changing political winds, and other controversial situations.

Liars, Tyrants, and Thieves: Complex Issues for Local Government Attorneys

Local government attorneys must continue provide effective legal services relating to complex issues in the face of a distrusting public. This program will help you better understand how to confidently handle a variety of thorny legal matters, including First Amendment Auditors, increased FOIA requests for employee information and police records, vulgar political speech, vitriolic public comment, and social media misrepresentation.

Local Government Legislative & Caselaw Update 2021

An update on 2021 cases from federal and Illinois courts that impacted units of local government in Illinois.

Police Reform & Local Government: The SAFE-T Act and Trailer Bill

In the United States, 2020 was marred by controversial and highly publicized law enforcement actions that exposed inequalities in the American criminal justice system. This program focuses on 3 areas impacted by the Statewide Use of Force Standardization Act, or SAFE-T Act (The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity – Today Act) and the related trailer bill, Public Act 102-28: (1) civil liability risk brought about as a result of these laws ; (2) police training requirements and body camera updates; and (3) police certification and discipline.

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