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Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements 2022

This unique and in-person only workshop program will walk you through 10 important parts of drafting a marital settlement agreement. Work in small groups with each knowledgeable faculty member to get personalized advice on a variety of topics.

Please note: This program is being offered live and in-person only. It is not being recorded for later viewing.
From $300.00

Tracing and Dissipation - Is the House Really Marital?

One of the most interesting issues we face regularly is whose house is it anyway? Couples often pool money, borrow money, and waste money for that beloved home which finances need to be traced, accounted for, argued, and resolved.

Cohabitation Agreements

How do you come to an agreement when unmarried people wish to define their rights to live, pay for expenses, and own property together? What are the differences between a prenuptial agreement and a cohabitation agreement? Are cohabitation agreements valid in Illinois? Example language will be shared.

Care and Feeding of GALs

An often-appointed Guardian ad Litem will explain the differences between a Guardian ad Litem, Child Representative and Attorney for the Child and indicate the circumstances when each is most appropriate. She will also advise what actions are best for clients to take when one of these representatives is appointed and what an attorney can do to help his or her litigant make the most of the appointed representative.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

The identification and division of cryptocurrency in divorces is becoming more commonplace. Learn what you need to know about them to effectively advise your client.

Business Valuation 2022: Judges' Panel on Substantial Change in Circumstances Standard - Web Replay

A panel of judges offers practice tips and provides unique insights on key issues, including: application of the "substantial change in circumstances" standard for modification of support. Specific scenarios are considered including: cash income; retirement of a spouse; and hidden assets. The judges also offer best practices for Zoom court proceedings.

Webcast Replay on Friday, May 6, 2022 from Noon to 1:00 PM
Originally part of Business Valuation, Financial & Tax Issues in Divorce 2022: New and Future Issues – The Lasting Impact of COVID-19

Family Law: Child-Related Issues in Dissolution Actions 2022 Edition

This handbook helps attorneys protect the children of parties going through a dissolution action.
From $175.00

Discussions with the Domestic Relations Division: The Intersection Between Domestic Violence and Divorce Cases (WBAI)

Join us as we work through real-life family law fact patterns with judges and practitioners to understand the intersection between domestic violence and divorce cases. We will discuss domestic violence as it relates to exclusive possession of the marital residence, how to divide up living space in the marital residence, domestic economic abuse, how to allocate parenting time in domestic violence cases, and how to handle the case when the abuse petitions for an order of protection.

The Do’s and Dont's of Zoom Court (WBAI)

A panel of judges discuss how to appear for court over Zoom, proper courtroom decorum, attire and presentation, and an explanation about local rules, standing orders, and how to properly complete an Order.

Ever Consider Becoming a Judge? (WBAI)

Insight on running for judge, elections, judicial appointments, and the associate judge process in Cook County.

Gray Divorce

When older couples divorce, unique issues arrive. This program offers insights into those issues nd how to advise your older or empty nest clients on common concerns in the context of divorce, such as double dipping and whether pension benefits in long term marriages are cash flow or an asset (or both).

Cryptocurrency: What, Where, & How is it Evaluated in Divorce?

Cryptocurrency made its debut on the NYSE in October 2021. Learn more about cryptocurrency, related documents family law attorneys should be requesting in discovery, and the questions family law attorneys should be asking in divorce cases.

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