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School Law: Organization, Finance, and Property 2017 Edition

This primer guides attorneys through issues facing school boards and community college boards, including civil rights litigation, tort liability, construction, property, finance, elections, and technology in education.
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What the Special Needs Law Attorney Needs to Know about Special Education Law

What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and when is it available to students with special needs? Learn how to help your clients with special needs navigate the educational system.

Disciplinary Placements in Alternative Schools

This session focuses on the need to reform practices related to disciplinary placements in alternative schools as part of overall strategies to reduce school suspensions and expulsions. Provides an overview of the data and research, case law and statutory provisions related to alternative school placements for disciplinary purposes and highlights suggested practices to limit the use of alternative school transfers for disciplinary reasons.

School Law (Illinois): Personnel and Student Issues 2015 Edition

A complete handbook covering personnel and student issues in school law. Includes editable forms.
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Searches, Social Media, and the Schoolhouse Gate: Constitutional Law and School Resource Officers

The Supreme Court made clear decades ago that students do not "check their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate." But it has also affirmed a competing principle: that the very nature of educating minors gives school administrators authority to set limits on students' rights that would otherwise be constitutionally suspect. This tension has become all the more complicated in recent years and more and more schools have police officers specifically assigned to the school. These "School Resource Officers" have to apply the traditional rules of constitutional criminal procedure to the school context, where these are different concerns than police officers would ordinarily face on the street. This program provides an overview of relevant case law (2018) and how the federal constitution does, and does not, limit School Resource Officers in their daily work, and what other school administrators should, and should not expect from a SRO in their school in light of those limits.

Special Education Due-Process Litigation 2016 Edition

This title covers special education issues arising under the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the Illinois School Code.
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