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Defending Criminal Cases: Trials, Sentencing, Appeals, and Posttrial Issues 2018 Edition

This handbook contains material written by criminal defense attorneys and judges who provide insight on trial and posttrial issues.
From $95.00

Defending DUI: Practice and Procedure 2021 Edition

Practical guide for handling DUI cases.
From $175.00

Dramshop Act Practice 2020 Edition

This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys and other professionals when dealing with the Dramshop Act.
From $145.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Criminal Law 2019 Edition

This guide provides an overview and introduction to criminal law. It serves as a handy reference for seasoned lawyers and as a useful research foundation for new attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks.
From $30.00

Federal Criminal Practice 2019 Edition

This essential guide details the defense of a client in Illinois federal court from start to finish.
From $170.00

Introducing Evidence Trial Reference Card

Use this handy resource as a quick and easy-to-follow courtroom companion when introducing evidence in Illinois civil courts.

James J. Ahern on DUI Caselaw 2016 Edition

Master the law of DUI with this comprehensive treatise covering cases in Illinois.
From $139.00

Motor Vehicle Violations 2020 Edition

Practical resource about non-DUI violations and Chicago Traffic Court procedures and practices.
From $140.00

Proving Fault in Auto Accident Cases 2020 Edition

This is an essential guide for addressing the complex process of proving fault in auto accident cases.
From $175.00

Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act

Learn primary considerations and vital information to address client needs in relation to the Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act.
From $80.00

Illinois Good Samaritan Statutes

Explore the Illinois Good Samaritan Statutes with an overview of the laws and a discussion on the case of first impression, People v. Teper 2016IL App (2d) 160063, and subsequent case People v. Markham, 2019IL App (3d)180071.

Attacking the Liar’s Best Lies: “I Don’t Remember" & “I Do Remember”

Whether at trial or in deposition, the “yes-no” question quite frequently constitutes a Scylla & Charybdis problem for the adverse witness: the “yes” constituting a damaging-to-witness admission, and the “no” creating a risk of the witness being impeached … maybe a BIG risk of a BIG impeachment. Thus, a willing-to-lie witness (and there are so many!!), perhaps coached by an unethical attorney (and there are so many!!), tries to avoid Scylla & Charybdis by claiming “I don’t remember X.” As experienced litigators well know, and newbie litigators will soon discover, these claims can be very tough to successfully attack. Learn the very best lines of attack against these lies.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $200.00

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