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Criminal & Traffic Law

Learn about 2021 DUI and traffic case law updates. Other topics include commercial driver's license/overweight cases; how traffic & DUI charges affect Immigration status; law enforcement & emergency room blood draws; and tips for handling summary suspension hearings.

Overturning DCFS Indicated Findings

This CLE is designed to discuss the impact of a DCFS indicated finding, review the DCFS Administrative Appeal process and cover successful strategies in overturning indicated findings at the administrative hearing level.

Elements of Illinois Law: Criminal Law 2023 Edition

This guide provides an overview of and introduction to criminal law, serving as a handy reference for seasoned lawyers and a useful research foundation for new attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks.
From $40.00

Federal Criminal Practice 2023 Edition

An essential guide to federal criminal practice in Illinois.
From $170.00

The Do’s and Dont's of Zoom Court (WBAI)

A panel of judges discuss how to appear for court over Zoom, proper courtroom decorum, attire and presentation, and an explanation about local rules, standing orders, and how to properly complete an Order.

Ever Consider Becoming a Judge? (WBAI)

Insight on running for judge, elections, judicial appointments, and the associate judge process in Cook County.

Police Reform & Local Government: The SAFE-T Act and Trailer Bill

In the United States, 2020 was marred by controversial and highly publicized law enforcement actions that exposed inequalities in the American criminal justice system. This program focuses on 3 areas impacted by the Statewide Use of Force Standardization Act, or SAFE-T Act (The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity – Today Act) and the related trailer bill, Public Act 102-28: (1) civil liability risk brought about as a result of these laws ; (2) police training requirements and body camera updates; and (3) police certification and discipline.

James J. Ahern on DUI Caselaw 2022 Edition

This is a comprehensive, essential resource for Illinois DUI attorneys.
From $145.00

The Role of Social Equity in Cannabis Law


Cannabis Law - Compliance 101


Cannabis Law - Banking and Bankruptcy

- How we got here - Where are we? - Examine legislative options to move us forward from the federal/state dichotomy

Cannabis Law - Government 101


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