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Real Estate Titles from the Estate Planning Perspective: Best Practices and Avoiding Pitfalls

Explore the intricate intersection of Real Estate Titles and Estate Planning and Administration. Delve into clients’ common estate planning goals for real estate and the best instruments & tools to carry out those goals. Be wary of titling or transfers to multiple beneficiaries having shared ownership rights and responsibilities in real estate, which often leads to dispute. Uncover pitfalls and misconceptions with living trusts, land trusts, joint tenancy with non-spouses, and transfer on death instruments (such as accidental disinheritance, exposure of assets to waste or creditors, unequal inheritances among beneficiaries, and more). Gain insights into the best practices for streamlining the transfer of real property to address a client’s (and client’s spouse’s) future disability and death. Learn the benefits of selling real estate during probate and trust administration, and which legal document/instrument to prepare and record. Obtain practical knowledge and real-world examples to enhance your proficiency and deliver optimal client outcomes. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

Using Entities in Real Estate Transactions: Which One(s) and Why

A concise exploration of choosing and managing entities in real estate transactions. Navigate the suitability of corporations, partnerships, LLCs, Series LLCs, and REITs based on client goals. Gain insights into property management and transfer decisions, and touch on key taxation considerations. Explore potential traps during entity abandonment, reinstatement ease, record-keeping requirements, and the nuances of transferring interests versus titles. This session provides practical guidance for real estate practitioners navigating entity choices and challenges. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

TODI’s: What’s New and What’s Not in 2024

Covering the statute's history, recent amendments, and execution nuances for joint tenants, the session navigates recording essentials and beneficiary acceptance. Understand TODI's impact on probate/intestate succession, explore revocation formalities, and tackle complexities like disclaimers and trust beneficiaries. Stay current with insights into any recent TODI-related cases. This session delivers vital updates for real estate practitioners to enhance their understanding of TODIs in estate planning. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

Real Estate Title & Wire Fraud Update 2024

Discover the latest defenses against evolving threats in real estate transactions. Learn to recognize warning signs of seller impersonation, navigate recommended and cautionary RIN and RON services, verify tax bill authenticity, and assess fund transfer risks. Gain insights from recent cybersecurity incidents and adopt proactive measures for enhanced security. Stay ahead of emerging fraud tactics, adopting new protective methods, and extract practical lessons from real-life horror stories. Originally presented as part of the Taking, Holding, and Transferring Illinois Real Estate Titles 2024.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and How To Defend Against Them

Learn essential strategies for challenging evidence from horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk-and-turn, and one-leg stand field sobriety tests on behalf of your clients facing DUI charges in Illinois.

An Introduction to the Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act

This course provides an introduction and overview of Illinois’ Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act. It includes a discussion of some of the issues faced by the state, and prospective businesses, in implementing the law, as well as a general outline of what the law includes.

Neurodiversity: A Primer for Lawyers

Understanding what neurodiversity means for individuals, their colleagues, and working environments assists when developing recruitment, retention, and intake policies that welcome all clients and ensure attorneys and support staff contribute to the firm’s success.

Leasing, Security Deposits, and Evictions in Illinois

This course focuses on the various aspects of leasing, security deposits and evictions in Illinois. Included are discussions of the general processes as outlined by state law, as well as special circumstances to consider when addressing issues in Cook County or Chicago.

Causes of Action: Consumer Actions 2024 Edition

This handbook is your practical guide for dealing with causes of action in consumer-related actions.
From $100.00

Defending DUI: Practice and Procedure 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Practical guide for handling DUI cases.
From $180.00

Secretary of State Driving Relief Hearings

This presentation provides both an overview of the technical elements of DUI-related driving restrictions imposed by the Illinois Secretary of State and practice tips for navigating driving relief hearings that will help you verify and correct the record, prepare your clients for communicating their side and establishing a treatment plan, secure fair accommodations for hardship, work with evaluators, and more.

Eminent Domain Practice 2024 Edition

A practical guide for attorneys representing property owners or government entities in eminent domain proceedings.
From $170.00

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