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Immigration Meets Divorce

This program provides a brief overview of the topics and concerns that impact immigration status when divorce is involved.

Using Technology to Assist with the Financial Aspects of Guardianship

Learn about new technology available to assist with the financial administration of a guardianship.

Medicaid Planning for Guardianships

Understand the various Medicaid planning tools and opportunities available to guardians in administering a ward’s estate. Learn recent updates and basic Medicaid eligibility rules.

Intersection Between Mental Health and Guardianship

Identify and compare how the Guardianship for Disabled Persons Act addresses, or fails to address, involuntary psychiatric treatment vs. the Mental Health Code. We will also discuss considerations to legislation that would better coordinate the two.

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

Municipal Law: Contracts, Litigation, and Home Rule 2024 Edition

A complete guide that covers the contracts and litigation involved with municipal law.
From $170.00

Wrongful-Death vs. Survivorship Settlements in Guardianships

This session will discuss the difference between wrongful death and survival damages and why is it necessary to structure them differently. Strategies to best protect recoveries for estate beneficiaries will also be discussed.

The Golden Visa - Mobile Residency for Seniors

Benefits of The Golden Visa Programs from an estate planning perspective, as well as health care consideration for clients interested in moving or retiring overseas.

How to Avoid the Unhappy Unfunded Trust

The estate plan all too often offers little value to the family if the post-signing “funding phase” is not properly addressed.

Key Provisions in Commercial Financing Documentation and Transactions (DCBA)

This program provides an overview of typical documents required for a commercial financing transaction, key provisions to be included in said documentation, and pitfalls to be aware of and avoid from both the borrowers and lender’s perspective.

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