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Divorce Boot Camp 2023

This comprehensive program is sure to provide attendees with all the information they need to take a divorce case from start to finish. Our experienced family law faculty members will take a hands-on approach during this program. Numerous forms will be provided and in-person attendees will walk through several of them in small groups each led by a faculty member. Don’t miss this powerful opportunity to network and learn the divorce process directly from accomplished practitioners.
From $300.00

Civil Practice: Opening the Case 2023 Edition

This is an essential guide covering the steps an attorney must take to initiate a civil action.
From $180.00

Veterans Day CLE Conference 2022

The Veterans Committee of the DuPage County Bar Association and the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers present a joint CLE program on legal issues facing our nation’s veterans. Topics covered include: Veterans' Benefits and More; Practicing VA Law; Estate Planning for Heroes; the PACT Act; and Camp Lejeune Water Contamination and Burn Pits.

Nonprofit Transitions – Mergers, Asset Transfers, and Other Pivotal Corporate Transitions

Corporate mergers and their legal kin, namely asset transfers and consolidations, sound like business concepts, but they bear enormous potential significance for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can use these corporate transitions as powerful strategic options for combining and leveraging shared visions and resources. This session covers the basics of nonprofit mergers, consolidations, and asset transfers to help nonprofit leaders determine when such key transitions might be a viable option – along with how best to accomplish each transitional process.

Nonprofit Real Estate – Special Aspects Including Ownership, Transfer, Property Tax Exemption, and Third-Party Facility Usage

How are nonprofit real estate transactions similar to but different from commercial transactions? To what extent may property tax exemption be available? This session addresses buying, selling, or donating real estate within the nonprofit context, including corporate authorization required for such transaction, potential conflict of interest implications, and related tax and risk management aspects. Additionally, this session will explain legal qualification for religious, educational, and charitable property tax exemption – particularly how it differs from Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, why all the details really matter, and how best to show that fee revenues do not violate the “view to profit” disqualification. Learn how to best structure facility usage arrangements in requisite non-commercial ways, to maximally protect property tax exemption.

Starting a Nonprofit – Corporate Development, IRS Tax-Exemption Applications, and Other Important Steps for Nonprofit Flourishing

What formational questions should practitioners address and resolve in helping clients develop new nonprofits? Careful attention to applicable nonprofit state law, bylaws, corporate policies, and governance dynamics is critical, along with due consideration for how best the nonprofit fits Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt classification. Learn more about important legal compliance, best practices, and pitfalls in this session focusing on initial corporate development and successful tax-exempt applications - all to well equip nonprofit leaders for long-term vitality.

Judges’ Panel - Business Valuation 2023


Use of the Business Valuation Beyond the Value of the Business

There are several uses for the business valuation beyond simply valuing the business. Learn other ways in which to use the information, such as to help determine the owner’s true economic income for support; to locate hidden assets; locate additional liquidity. Other tips covered will include how to structure a settlement when the only significant asset of the marital estate is the business; what if non-marital real estate is used by or leased to the marital business or vice versa; and how to get these items covered indirectly in trial.

Overview & ABC’s of Valuation Approaches the Expert Should Consider in Valuing a Closely Held Business

A brief overview of the Market, Income and Asset approaches – what are they and how they should be used. Learn the valuation methods to be used within each approach and when each is appropriate.

Business Valuation Opinions and Reports and their Usage in a Divorce Case

• Discuss a Calculation – Calculated Value; Restricted Valuation; and Valuation – Opinion of Value • When and when not to use each of these types of value • Advantages of a Detailed Report vs a Summary Report. • Should a Business Valuation be used in this case based on the cost?

Overview of Valuations in Divorce


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