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Elements of Illinois Law: Workers' Compensation 2023 Edition

This reference guide provides a broad overview suitable for seasoned and new attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks. Drawing on the experience and expertise of practicing attorneys, this publication offers clear, concise, and current information, best-practice tips, and relevant advice as well as statutory and caselaw references.
From $40.00

Work Comp Boot Camp 2023

Are you NEW (or newer?) to handling Workers’ Compensation claims for either Petitioners or Respondents? The IICLE® Work Comp Boot Camp features experienced work comp practitioners on both sides sharing their knowledge and best tips to make you a better lawyer. You will learn about the unique rules of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and how to handle a work comp case from beginning to end.
From $300.00

Arbitrator Management of Difficult Cases

• Multiple Witnesses • Viewing the Scene • Testimony of Expert Witnesses (in person, deposition, video deposition) • Lay Witness (deposition, video deposition)

Tips for Appellate Practice

Dismissal of Case | Actions That May Trigger Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

Negotiating Terms of Settlement Contracts in Disputed Workers' Compensation Cases

• Effect of Group Health Payments • How to Handle STD and LTD Payments • MSA Preparation; Who Has the Right to Prepare; Is it Practical for Petitioner to Prepare

How Do Evidentiary Rulings Impact Appeals?

• Harmless Error • What Constitutes Reversible Error • How to Preserve Objections

How to Prove and Dispute Medical Causation

• Proving Causation in the Underlying Case (Legal Standard-SISBRO) • Does Causation Standard Change in 19(h) Proceeding • How Does Vogel Impact Causation • Importance of Basing Opinion Upon a Reasonable Degree of Medical and Surgical Certainty-What Does This Mean?

Choice of Medical

• Preferred Provider Programs • Collective Bargaining Agreement • Chain of Referrals • Effect of Treating with Doctor Outside Chain of Referrals

Workers’ Compensation Caselaw Update 2023

Learn about recent Illinois Appellate Court cases that significantly impact the practice, with important insights for both Petitioner’s and Respondent’s attorneys.

Workers' Compensation Practice 2023 Edition

Comprehensive guide to workers’ compensation practice in Illinois.
From $175.00

10th Annual Workers' Compensation Institute: Handling Cases With Complex Issues

You won’t want to miss this terrific annual opportunity to get crucial updates and to learn about the latest developments in workers' compensation practice directly from Commissioners, Arbitrators and experienced workers’ comp attorneys.
From $300.00

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