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9th Annual Workers’ Compensation Institute


Registration includes post-event access to the online on-demand recording.
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Effective Practice During COVID: Self-care, Containment, and Connection

Covid 19 raised unprecedented challenges for lawyers in forming and maintaining essential relationships with clients, employees, and colleagues, on a virtual platform. These relationships are the foundation of effective practice and rely on genuine connection. Such connection can be brought about only in a “containing environment” that is safe and promotes open communication. Creating this context calls for a disciplined presence, borne of self-care, that allows the other to feel seen and heard, and a partner in a collaborative process.

COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Practicing Attorney

Get up to date about statistics and data related to changes post-pandemic and learn “best practices” and recommendations for lawyers who are practicing during these challenging times.

Virtual Depositions: What You Need to Know from A to Zoom

Learn best practices for taking a doctor’s evidence deposition via Zoom. Attorneys on both sides of the case will walk through how to address medical causation issues with a physician, and a court reporter will offer insight on how to conduct virtual depositions smoothly.

New Workers' Compensation Procedures Post COVID-19: PART TWO

Understand best practices at arbitration to preserve the record for review and make the most of briefing and telephonic oral arguments before the Commission. Review relevant Rules of Professional Conduct relating to attorney obligations and representations to a court, and the pitfalls to be avoided.

Discovery Considerations in Specific Civil Cases 2021 Edition

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to special considerations in discovery practice in specific cases.
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New Workers' Compensation Procedures Post COVID-19: PART ONE

The recent pandemic, coming during the transition of the Commission to the CompFile electronic filing system, has forced our practice into a virtual world. This has required that we learn and embrace new technology to perform the basic tasks of handling our cases. In doing so, we have learned the advantages and disadvantages of this way of practicing. Explore the pros and cons of our virtual practice, what attorneys can do to make it work better, and what elements can be effective additions to our practice as we move forward with CompFile and a return to in-person court hearings.

Medicare Set-Aside Alternatives in 2021

As Medicare moves forward to develop Medicare Set-Aside (“MSA”) regulations, MSA alternatives continue to evolve. Traditional MSA versus MSA Legal Opinion? Traditional MSA versus Evidence-Based MSA? Submit versus Non-Submit? Get clarity around the options available as well as the pros/cons of each approach, allowing you to make specific recommendations to clients based on risk tolerance, settlement goals, and cost.

Update on E-filing in Workers' Compensation

Get an update on CompFile, the Commission’s new e-filing system, including what is new with the system and what is coming, from the Commission and two practicing attorneys. Learn practical tips from a Petitioner’s and a Respondent’s attorney for using and managing cases through CompFile, as well as how it affects our practice today. Also, learn about the applicable rules and statutes governing e-filing.

The Evolution of the COVID-19 Legislation in Illinois Workers’ Compensation and Practical Considerations Moving Forward

Get up to date on rebuttable presumptions and burden of proof as they apply to COVID-19 applications as well as an analysis of applicable case law from the Occupational Disease Act.

Appellate Court Practice in the Wake of COVID-19 and Rule 23

Hear from a sitting judge how the practice has changed since COVID-19. Rule 23 is also discussed.

Case Law Update Workers' Compensation 2021

Learn about recent Illinois Appellate Court cases that significantly impact the practice, with important insights for both Petitioner’s and Respondent’s attorneys. The McAllister case and the amendment to Rule 23 are also discussed.

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