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Illinois Estate Tax-Relationship to Federal Estate, Gift and GST Taxes, as well as The Relationship Between Forms 709, 706 and 1041

Learn about the areas of overlap and differences between federal and Illinois estate tax law. Learn about challenges you might face if you have no federal estate tax but have an Illinois estate tax. The discussion will also include issues with establishing or changing domicile, structuring an estate plan to minimize Illinois estate tax, and questions you should ask your clients to avoid future Illinois estate tax problems.

Form 8971: Federal Tax Basis Reporting

Basis consistency (IRC §1014(f)) and new reporting requirements with regard to property the value of which is included in a decedent’s gross estate for federal estate tax purposes to be reported to the IRS on Form 8971 and provided to the recipients of the property on Schedules A (IRC §6035) were enacted July 31, 2015. This presentation will overview these new Code sections, the pending Proposed Regulations (and final regulations if issued prior to the presentation), and the new Form 8971 and Schedule A.

Form 706: Federal Estate Tax Return

Proceed step-by-step through the basics of federal gift tax preparation, including calculation of tax due, gift tax splits, and filing procedure and deadlines. Sample completed forms are provided and discussed.

Form 709: Federal Gift Tax Return-Includes An Introduction to the Topic and the Hypothetical

We will walk step-by-step through the basics of federal gift tax preparation, including calculation of tax due, gift tax splits, and filing procedure and deadlines. Sample completed forms will be provided and discussed.

Estate Administration: Business and Tax-Related Issues 2022 Edition

This practice guides cover business and tax issues in probate claims.
From $125.00

Gift & Estate Tax Workshop: Forms 709, 706 & 8971

This hands-on workshop will teach you everything you need to know about expertly completing federal gift and estate tax forms 709 and 706. Forms 8971 and 1041, as well as post mortem tax planning and Illinois estate tax laws, will also be covered. Get your pencils ready: a hypothetical will be utilized throughout the program, so that you can complete forms and calculations yourself in real-time to ensure understanding of these intricate tax forms.
From $300.00

The Do’s and Dont's of Zoom Court (WBAI)

A panel of judges discuss how to appear for court over Zoom, proper courtroom decorum, attire and presentation, and an explanation about local rules, standing orders, and how to properly complete an Order.

Ever Consider Becoming a Judge? (WBAI)

Insight on running for judge, elections, judicial appointments, and the associate judge process in Cook County.

Advising Clients on a New Presidential Administration and Expected Changes

After a year with the Biden-Harris Administration, what changes can we expect that will impact the financial implications of divorce – from changes in our federal tax structure to impacts on business and the value of closely held companies and the significant changes to Estate taxes.

Business Valuation, Financial & Tax Issues in Divorce 2022: New and Future Issues – The Lasting Impact of COVID-19

With its unique focus on the intricacies of the financial aspects of divorce, this program features enthusiastic presenters on deep-dive explorations of complex issues and practical strategies that you can use for the benefit of your clients. You simply won’t find a more comprehensive, more engaging, and more worthwhile seminar designed specifically for Illinois family law attorneys.
From $400.00

State and Local Taxation 2021 Edition

Essential guide for attorneys dealing with complicated tax issues.
From $180.00

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