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7th Circuit and Federal Employment Law Developments That Should Be On Your Radar

Practical takeaways from recent employment law decisions of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and Illinois federal and state courts.

Federal and State Employment Case Law Update (2019)

Practical takeaways from Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and Illinois federal and state court employment law decisions.

Government Law Legislative & Case Law Update (2019)

Local governments must be aware of the constantly changing landscape on which they operate based on the decisions of legislators, regulators and the courts. Learn about legislation and relevant 2019 cases from federal and Illinois courts that have impacted Illinois local governmental units. Learn about both the practical and policy impacts of new legislation and case law to stay informed and take proactive measures for your clients in response to these changes.

Judges on Effective Litigation Practices

A panel of judges shares their best practice tips for effective performance in the courtroom, including what judges do NOT like to see.

Road Warriors - Practicing Across Multiple Circuits

Learn the ins and outs of the various circuit courts from some true road warriors.

The Judicial Perspective on Laying Foundations

Hear from judges concerning practical considerations when laying foundations in state and federal courts, including: • Pre-trial procedures • Objections at trial • Sidebars regarding foundational issues • Voir dire of expert witnesses • Common mistakes by litigators • Best practices of litigators • Additional judicial perspectives