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Estate Planning Short Course 2024

Whether you're a seasoned estate planner or just beginning your journey, IICLE’s Estate Planning Short Course 2024 is a comprehensive program dedicated to unraveling the legal intricacies of estate planning. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with experienced attorneys who will provide in-depth analysis of current regulations, tax implications, strategies, and best practices in estate planning.
From $600.00

Illinois Civil Practice Series

New lawyers, and lawyers new to Illinois, will find this series a valuable introduction to the similarities, and substantial differences, between federal civil procedure and civil procedure in the Illinois state judicial system. Buy the entire series of 8 at a discount, or pick and choose only the sessions you need.
From $50.00

Generative AI and the Law: What You Need To Know

Get up to speed quickly with generative AI, current AI regulations worldwide, and the professional conduct implications of AI in the practice of law.

Generative AI and IP Law: What You Need to Know

Get up to speed quickly with generative AI and intellectual property issues, such as copyright infringement, fair use, licensing, trade secrets, and patent law.

Combating Ageism in the Legal Field

Unpack age bias in the legal field — what it is, why it matters, and ways to enhance collaboration across all age levels.

ChatGPT in the Legal Field: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Ethical Considerations

Gain valuable insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the law. Through real-life examples and demonstrations, explore how ChatGPT can enhance legal research, drafting, client communication, and even marketing while also considering potential ethical considerations as you incorporate ChatGPT into your legal practice.

Now available as a live webcast! Join our faculty live via Zoom at Noon on Thursday, November 30th for a live presentation followed by time for Q&A on ChatGPT and AI in a legal practice.
From $50.00

Domestic Battery Caselaw Updates and Practice Tips

Recent district court decisions in Illinois offer conflicting guidance on the admissibility of evidence of violence, which exemplifies the delicate balance sought at trials in which parties seek safety for themselves and family members.

Jewish Identity and Antisemitism in the 21st Century

While well represented in the legal community, American Jews still may face anti-Semitic bias and misunderstandings of their diverse identities. Dr. Laura Shaw Frank utilizes her background as both a scholar of Jewish history and a legal scholar to provide strategies for fostering welcoming environments for colleagues, staff, and clients.

Using Technology to Assist with the Financial Aspects of Guardianship

Learn about new technology available to assist with the financial administration of a guardianship.

Medicaid Planning for Guardianships

Understand the various Medicaid planning tools and opportunities available to guardians in administering a ward’s estate. Learn recent updates and basic Medicaid eligibility rules.

Intersection Between Mental Health and Guardianship

Identify and compare how the Guardianship for Disabled Persons Act addresses, or fails to address, involuntary psychiatric treatment vs. the Mental Health Code. We will also discuss considerations to legislation that would better coordinate the two.

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

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