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How to Prove and Dispute Medical Causation

• Proving Causation in the Underlying Case (Legal Standard-SISBRO) • Does Causation Standard Change in 19(h) Proceeding • How Does Vogel Impact Causation • Importance of Basing Opinion Upon a Reasonable Degree of Medical and Surgical Certainty-What Does This Mean?

Choice of Medical

• Preferred Provider Programs • Collective Bargaining Agreement • Chain of Referrals • Effect of Treating with Doctor Outside Chain of Referrals

Workers’ Compensation Caselaw Update 2023

Learn about recent Illinois Appellate Court cases that significantly impact the practice, with important insights for both Petitioner’s and Respondent’s attorneys.

WTF: What the Fraud?!

A hard hitting session by Tom Cronkright who is an attorney, title agency owner, wire fraud victim and Co-Founder of CertifID, on the latest cyber security trends including ransomware and wire fraud and they threaten real estate transactions. This session will include: a review of growth statistics around wire fraud and ransomware in real estate, top fraud strategies including live fraud examples, how cyber-crime syndicates operate as an enterprise business and strategies to keep your company and customers safe from cyber fraud.

Holm v. Kodat and the Public Use of Nonnavigable Rivers in Illinois

You can’t paddle your kayak down the Mazon River anymore: The fate of boating on nonnavigable waters after Holm v. Kodat.

Dick Bales’ Complete Guide to Deeds

Real estate attorneys work with deeds every day. Attorneys for sellers of land prepare deeds for their closings. Attorneys may think that “deeds” are a fairly mundane topic, but Dick Bales hopes to prove otherwise. Dick has put together a comprehensive handout discussing virtually every facet about deeds, including such matters as the Doctrine of After Acquired Title, Dresser Drawer Deeds, Signature by Mark, and Underwriting Wild Deeds. Public Act 102-927 recently amended 765 ILCS 5/8, the statute on special warranty deeds. This new legislation has resulted in some controversy. Dick has attempted to study the issues from all angles, and he hopes to provide some thoughtful commentary on this very topical subject.

Abolishing IRS Back Taxes

Learn how to eliminate your client's IRS tax debt instead of merely shifting the tax payment burden to an opposing spouse - who may or may not pay. The presentation will focus on the statutory components of three types of relief from joint and several tax liability with relevant citations to the U.S. Tax Code, Treasury regulations, court opinions, and the Internal Revenue Manual.

The Right to Free Tweets: Social Media and Local Government

Social Media sites are a staple in society’s daily life. They offer means to reach communities and constituents and receive community feedback, both positive and negative. This presentation will review and analyze the law surrounding the use and misuse of social media platforms by local governments and governmental officials.

Cross-Examination of Custody Evaluators in Family Law

An attorney and a trained custody evaluator will discuss analyzing a 604 report and developing a strategy for your case at trial as well as examining a favorable expert witness or unfavorable expert witness through cross-examination.

Drafting Operating Agreements – How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

This medium-level program will address drafting operating agreements and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Overturning DCFS Indicated Findings

This CLE is designed to discuss the impact of a DCFS indicated finding, review the DCFS Administrative Appeal process and cover successful strategies in overturning indicated findings at the administrative hearing level.

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