Mental Health & Substance Abuse

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How to Overcome Substance Use Disorder and Avoid Legal Ethics Issues

In this eye-opening program, veteran attorney Cindy Sharp will share her struggles with alcohol and reveal how she got sober and has remained alcohol free for over eleven years. Attorney and certified contemplative practices teacher Becky Howlett will share her perspectives on the issues and provide practical tips for reducing stress and anxiety.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

How Secondary Trauma Affects Attorney Mental Health

Join Cindy Sharp and Becky Howlett for this timely educational webinar as they explore secondary trauma. Case studies of legal professionals who have experienced the adverse effects of vicarious trauma are included throughout the presentation. They will discuss the concept of a trauma informed law practice and provide tips on how to establish one.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

The Mindful Approach to Addressing Mental Health in the Legal Field: Stop the Stigma! Strategies for the Pandemic and Beyond

Join Attorneys Becky Howlett and Cynthia Sharp for this timely webinar as they explore the prevalence of mental health concerns and burnout in the legal profession and strategies to manage and prevent these issues. Becky and Cindy each share their own personal stories and reveal how they overcame adversity.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

NOTE: This content was previously part of the 9th Annual Local Government Law Institute. According to MCLE guidelines, this content can only be viewed once per reporting period for CLE credit.

Ethics Institute 2022

Optimize your legal mindset to decrease conflict and positively influence the practice of law at the IICLE® Ethics Institute. Increase the civility of your practice with practical tips from the ARDC; learn the history of legal discrimination and how to eliminate it; and discover techniques to better represent people with disabilities and other typically underrepresented clients. Maximize your technological competence by learning about blockchain technology beyond just cryptocurrencies.

Earn as many (or as few) professional responsibility credits as you need as the end of the reporting period nears!
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Learn Mindfulness to Curtail Implicit Bias and Make Ethical Decisions

Certified Meditation Instructor and Attorney Becky Howlett will teach and lead mindfulness practices throughout this session designed to promote awareness of your own biases. Co-Presenter and Veteran Attorney Cynthia Sharp will join with Becky in sharing their own perspectives as well as viewpoints and experiences of others in the legal community. The speakers will delve into why words DO matter and discuss commonly held harmful assumptions related to diverse groups of people.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

How Mindfulness Can Help You Avoid Legal Burnout, Continue to Competently Perform Legal Services, and Remain Ethically Compliant

We will delve into specific methods of integrating mindfulness into your day-to-day law practice. According to Professor Peter H. Huang of University of Colorado Law School, “Law students, lawyers, and law professors should try practicing mindfulness to see if they improve their legal decision-making, ethics and leadership.”

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.

Adult Guardianships, Advance Directives, and Mental Health Law 2021 Edition

Practical resource for helping practitioners serve the needs of persons no longer able to make decisions for themselves.
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The Importance of a Mental Health Provider Resource

Begin with the unique stressors of long hours, soaring law school debt, a highly competitive job market, client demands and expectations, lack of work-life balance, changing legal paradigms, and the “modern law firm” technology learning curve. Add to that list the most recent changes and adaptations associated with COVID-19 where small and large firms have had to address the evolving needs of both hard and the soft skills of legal professionals. Lawyers and law firms poised for keeping a competitive edge recognize the value in and necessity of incorporating a mental health professional to meet the needs of the individual attorney, the group practice, and the client toward optimal career satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. This session will help you incorporate this professional resource... because it is no longer an option not to.

Effective Practice During COVID: Self-care, Containment, and Connection

Covid 19 raised unprecedented challenges for lawyers in forming and maintaining essential relationships with clients, employees, and colleagues, on a virtual platform. These relationships are the foundation of effective practice and rely on genuine connection. Such connection can be brought about only in a “containing environment” that is safe and promotes open communication. Creating this context calls for a disciplined presence, borne of self-care, that allows the other to feel seen and heard, and a partner in a collaborative process.

COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Practicing Attorney

Get up to date about statistics and data related to changes post-pandemic and learn “best practices” and recommendations for lawyers who are practicing during these challenging times.

Ethics Institute (2021)

Meet the challenges of lawyering during and after the COVID-19 pandemic with confidence. This program features 6 individual sessions that will show you how to present your best self via webcam, how to use the new technological tools of the trade ethically and safely, and how to conquer a variety of challenges to your mental and physical wellbeing.
From $50.00

8th Annual Workers' Compensation Institute: Practicing in the Post-COVID Era - 2021

This year's Workers' Compensation Institute focused on Practicing in the Post-COVID Era. Review recent cases; get an update on CompFile; and learn about Medicare Set-Asides and new procedures at arbitration and on review before the Commission. Get virtual practice tips, including how to take effective doctors' evidence depositions via Zoom. You won't want to miss our most in-depth work comp program of the year!
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