Mental Health & Substance Abuse

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Attorney Well-Being and Mental Health

This course examines the importance of self-care and wellness, not only from the perspective of your health, but also, the health of the profession.

From Values to Results: Building Fulfilling and Productive Legal Careers

Following a values-driven approach to legal careers helps individual attorneys build longstanding success and assists firm managers with hiring and retaining productive professionals.

IICLE Ethics Bundle 2024

The IICLE Ethics Bundle is your complete solution to fulfilling your Illinois MCLE Professional Responsibility requirements. We've taken 6 pre-selected hours of online on-demand programs with approved Ethics and Professional Responsibility credit and combined them in one bundle at an affordable price.

This curated collection includes all the sessions you need to fulfill your professional responsibility credit requirements for your reporting period. Covering a broad spectrum of topics in each required professional responsibility credit area, including mental health/substance abuse and diversity/inclusion, this bundle ensures that you are not only compliant with Illinois MCLE requirements, but are also well-prepared to navigate the complex ethical landscape of legal practice.

Strategies for Trauma-Informed Law Practice

This program explores best practices to curb the negative effects of trauma within the legal profession. Examine how unresolved primary trauma, as well as vicarious trauma, can hinder an attorney’s ability to effectively manage and cope with stress, which can have dire impacts on professional responsibilities and health. Learn to detect trauma so that you can strengthen connections with your clients, while also creating environments that support your mental health and overall well-being.

Recent Developments in Legal Ethics & Well-Being Issues in Attorney Regulation

Jonathan Wier, of the ARDC, summarizes some of their latest reports and statistics, then discusses mental health and attorney wellness issues.

Adjusting to Post-Pandemic Life: Lawyer Well-Being and the New Normal

Learn how to address the mental health challenges of the legal profession that drain lawyers’ energy, lead to harmful coping strategies, and stand in the way of their own success and happiness as professionals, community participants, and family members.

The Mindful & Resilient Attorney

Recognizing the demanding nature of the legal profession, this session provides proven techniques for eliminating toxic stress, balancing personal and professional priorities, and encouraging peak performance. This program educates legal professionals on the impact toxic stress has on the body and brain - resulting in detrimental consequences to health, wellness and job performance. It then provides participants with evidence-based strategies to lower stress, build resilience and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Advocating for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Learn how to be an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. Survivors of abuse may have special needs and concerns while working their way through the legal system. Without an advocate who understands these needs, they may not feel safe turning to the court for help and the cycle of abuse will continue. After this session, attendees will better understand how to help domestic violence survivors navigate through the court setting.

Wellness for Government Law Attorneys

Review recent ARDC Annual Report statistics on mental health and attorney wellness. Tips will be presented for practicing law and self-care and for dealing with stress and depression. The role of colleagues, peers, mentors and of attorney regulation will be discussed as a way of providing meaningful help.

Ethics Institute 2022

Optimize your legal mindset to decrease conflict and positively influence the practice of law at the IICLE® Ethics Institute. Increase the civility of your practice with practical tips from the ARDC; learn the history of legal discrimination and how to eliminate it; and discover techniques to better represent people with disabilities and other typically underrepresented clients. Maximize your technological competence by learning about blockchain technology beyond just cryptocurrencies.

Earn as many (or as few) professional responsibility credits as you need as the end of the reporting period nears!
From $50.00

Adult Guardianships, Advance Directives, and Mental Health Law 2021 Edition

Practical resource for helping practitioners serve the needs of persons no longer able to make decisions for themselves.
From $175.00

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