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Liars, Tyrants, and Thieves

Let’s discuss some of the challenges of representing local government in a time of increased mistrust in government by many members of the public. We will explore legal issues associated with such things as First Amendment Auditors, increased FOIA requests for employee information and police records, dealing with vulgar political speech, addressing vitriolic public comment, dealing with social media misrepresentation, and otherwise providing effective legal services about complex issues in the face of a distrusting public.

New Developments Concerning Police and Law Enforcement

Learn about efforts to eliminate qualified immunity, the move toward civilian review boards, endeavors to require police discipline arbitration decisions to be subject to broader judicial review, and the staggering differences in how excessive force claims against police are handled now (2020) compared to then (2019).

Local Government Bells That Can’t Be Unrung After COVID-19

Each member of our top-notch faculty will discuss “new” developments that will likely continue after the pandemic ends.

Local Government Emergency Playbook

Responding to an emergency is an emergency … but it does not have to be. Learn useful information that both the county and municipal attorney can use to effectively provide legal guidance to clients through an emergency. The session will discuss issues that may arise from declarations and proclamations, local government powers, executive orders and enforcing them, meetings, and a myriad of other issues that may arise when the state or local government is in the state of an emergency.