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Leasing, Security Deposits, and Evictions in Illinois

This course focuses on the various aspects of leasing, security deposits and evictions in Illinois. Included are discussions of the general processes as outlined by state law, as well as special circumstances to consider when addressing issues in Cook County or Chicago.

Self-Directed IRAs/The ALTA 2021 Title Insurance Policies

In this two-part presentation, Donald Kiolbassa provides an overview of Self-Directed IRAs and how attorneys can use them as part of their retirement plans. Dick Bales then provides an overview of the new ALTA 2021 policies that are replacing the previously used 2006 policies.

Effective Marketing within the Rules of Professional Conduct

Sabrina Bier Director of Digital Media and Education at Proper Title, Jayne Corcoran, Marketing Director at Proper Title, and Michael J. Rooney, Attorney at Law discuss how to market yourself and your practice, while staying within the guidelines of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Topics covered include fees, marketing and advertising guidelines, soliciting clients, working with unrepresented persons, and misconduct issues.

Condominium Legal Update

This course provides updates on issues with condominiums as well as issues involving lender questionnaires and FNMA Form 1076.