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Avoiding the Stumbling Blocks in a Guardianship

Whether you are acting as the attorney in a Guardianship for the Petitioner, the Respondent or as the Guardian ad litem, this course will help you navigate through some of the stumbling blocks you may encounter at the different stages of pleadings, discovery and hearings in adult and minor guardianships.

How to File Your First Guardianship Case

In this program (geared toward lawyers with little or no experience in guardianship court), you will learn what steps must be taken before the appointment of a guardian, what to expect on your first court appearance, and what to do after the Court enters a guardianship order.

Using Technology to Assist with the Financial Aspects of Guardianship

Learn about new technology available to assist with the financial administration of a guardianship.

Medicaid Planning for Guardianships

Understand the various Medicaid planning tools and opportunities available to guardians in administering a ward’s estate. Learn recent updates and basic Medicaid eligibility rules.

Intersection Between Mental Health and Guardianship

Identify and compare how the Guardianship for Disabled Persons Act addresses, or fails to address, involuntary psychiatric treatment vs. the Mental Health Code. We will also discuss considerations to legislation that would better coordinate the two.

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

Using Trusts in Guardianships to Safeguard Assets and Protect the Ward

Wrongful-Death vs. Survivorship Settlements in Guardianships

This session will discuss the difference between wrongful death and survival damages and why is it necessary to structure them differently. Strategies to best protect recoveries for estate beneficiaries will also be discussed.

The Golden Visa - Mobile Residency for Seniors

Benefits of The Golden Visa Programs from an estate planning perspective, as well as health care consideration for clients interested in moving or retiring overseas.

Guardianships Institute 2023

The 2023 IICLE® virtual Guardianships Institute is your opportunity to learn about the latest developments in Illinois guardianship law. Other topics include: wrongful death vs. survivorship settlements, using trusts to safeguard assets, Medicaid planning tools, and much more!

From $300.00

Ethical and Practical Considerations for the Guardian ad Litem and Counsel for the Respondent

Review legal and practical implications of acting as the Guardian ad Litem and as Respondent’s counsel including various legal obligations and ethical duties from the perspectives of a practitioner and retired Judge.

Intersection Between Personal Injury and Probate in Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

An overview of wrongful death and survival actions from the inception of a personal injury case through trial and/or settlement and ultimately the opening of a probate estate (when needed). This segment will also address how such causes of action and corresponding outcomes impact minors and individuals with disabilities.

Adult Guardianships, Advance Directives, and Mental Health Law 2021 Edition

Practical resource for helping practitioners serve the needs of persons no longer able to make decisions for themselves.
From $175.00

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