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Clear Communication in a Time of Crisis - Sponsored by Smokeball

We will be talking about the current challenges with entire offices working from home and then will discuss tools firms can use to confront these challenges—the cloud, and then specific communications tools like Slack, Teams, Zoom, and finally Smokeball’s offering of Communicate, which is a legal specific messaging tool.
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Responding to the Changing Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues: Answers for Illinois Employers (March 2020)

Efforts to Slow it down – Governor Pritzker’s Stay at Home Order (3/21/20) Preparedness Plans Leave & Compensation Issues: Family First Coronavirus Response Act Discrimination, Privacy & Hiring Issues Restructuring: Furloughs, Layoffs, Terminations Resources, Developments & Other Issues to Consider
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Veterans Day CLE Conference (2019)

This program focuses on a broad variety of legal issues for veterans.

How to Give Compelling Online Presentations

Presenting online offers more challenges than presenting to a live audience. Careful consideration of your audience, the message you want to convey, and how you convey that message is key to turning presentations into revenue opportunities. This session will cover 3 important areas for online presentations: choosing a compelling topic, tips to engaged listeners, and how to motivate listeners to act.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
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Virtual Magic: Making Great Presentations Online

Given the new reality of social distancing and working from home, online presentations have become a daily necessity. However, if you approach a virtual presentation the same way you do an in-person talk, your chances of success may be limited. The good news is that a great online presentation is relatively easy to create and deliver if you understand the dynamics of online audiences. Virtual Magic is a cutting-edge program that gives you the tools you need to connect with and influence others when you can’t be there in person. Specifically, you will learn how to: avoid the five common mistakes that derail most virtual presentations; incorporate proven strategies to keep remote audiences engaged; and increase the effectiveness of remote presentations.
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Using Medicaid Compliant Annuities in Illinois

Explore how Medicaid Compliant Annuities can be used to accelerate your client's Medicaid eligibility. This course offers an overview of the Illinois Medicaid program, defines the requirements of a Medicaid Compliant Annuity, and reviews two case studies showing this spend-down tool in action. Plus, you'll walk through the annuity sales process. Sponsored by Krause Financial Services.
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Lessons Learned Through COVID-19: Utilizing Technology to Move Your Family Law Practice Forward - Sponsored by Our Family Wizard

This is the reality we are all facing where in person litigation, mediation, and even client meetings might not be possible or might need to be modified. Technology that can assist you, including online co-parenting communication tools such as Our Family Wizard, will be highlighted.
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Modern Land Trusts in Estate Planning

This free webcast focuses on changes in land trust law and administration as covered in the IICLE handbook MODERN LAND TRUST PRACTICE, 2020 Edition. David Lanciotti of Chicago Title Land Trust Company delves into the Land Trust Beneficiary Rights Act; inapplicability of the new Illinois Trust Code to land trusts; and recently decided cases.
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When It’s No Longer a Party: The Impact of Substance Abuse on the Practice of Law

In this program, an attorney and an experienced clinician specializing in behavioral health issues share their perspectives on the significant challenges for individual attorneys struggling with substance abuse problems and the impact of the prevalence of substance abuse issues on the legal profession as a whole. In addition to a further understanding of an attorney's obligations under the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, this session offers practical tips for supporting struggling colleagues and provides an overview of the treatment process and how it works.
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Disaster and Succession Planning for Law Firms: How to Prepare for Unpredictable Events

Sponsored by Clio: Considering how your law firm will react to the unexpected—and developing strategic plans of action for these events—can protect your clients and prevent your practice from coming to a screeching halt, especially with new situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic.
You’ll learn:
  • The ethical obligations that shape how you should prepare for disasters and succession at your law firm
  • The policies and procedures necessary for ensuring that your firm can react effectively to the unexpected
  • How legal technology can help provide peace of mind in the face of uncertainty
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A Look Into Estate Planning In Illinois Versus Out-of-State Trust Jurisdictions

Sponsored by Alliance Trust Company of Nevada: This session will provide you with strategies for evaluating when it is most appropriate and advantageous for Illinois families to establish an Illinois trust as opposed to a trust in another jurisdiction. The panel will apply the discussed strategies to case studies, illustrating potential outcomes, and will take questions from participants.
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Veterans Day CLE Conference 2020

Topics covered over three sessions include: VA Benefits for Veterans and Their Spouses; the DuPage County Veterans Court Program; and Assisting Veterans with Their Family Law Matters.
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