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Modern Land Trust Practice 2023 Edition (COMING SOON)

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Estate Planning and Probate Issues Faced by Immigrants

This course addresses special issues in estate planning and probate cases faced by immigrants in Illinois and potential solutions to those issues.

Changes in the Practice - Generationally and Post-COVID

Has the post-COVID-19 world widened the generational gap among attorneys? Featuring a range of panelists with a variety of years of experience, this session will explore how different generations interpret the recent changes to the practice of law and what changes may be here to stay.

Multistate Jurisdiction Over Trustees & Beneficiaries

Discuss legal and practical concerns relating to the determination of an Illinois court’s jurisdiction over out-of-state trust property, trustees, and beneficiaries. Topics will include the distinction between, and necessity for, in rem and in personam jurisdiction, relevant statutes and constitutional law. Practical solutions, pitfalls and the Illinois Trust Code will be discussed.

Construing and Modifying Wills & Irrevocable Trusts-Litigating Disputed Estates and Trusts

Fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other interested parties often encounter circumstances necessitating a petition to a court of equity to modify or construe a testamentary instrument. This session discusses options under Illinois law to construe or modify irrevocable trusts and wills.

Proactive Planning: Potential Disputes in Family Business Succession Planning

We are in the midst of the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth than at any other time in history. In this session, we will identify and explore the various issues that arise in planning for the transition of a family business from the senior generation to the family members who are next in line. Many of these challenges are ones that may not have been faced by previous generations, simply due to changes in societal norms. By anticipating and planning for these potential issues, you will be better able to serve your family business clients.

To Have and to HODL: Planning with Cryptocurrency

Learn about fiduciary administration and estate planning considerations related to cryptocurrency including: planning ideas, practical tips and an overview of recent cryptocurrency developments.

Misplaced Trust: Court Intervention to Remedy Power of Attorney Misconduct

When an agent exploits their principal’s trust, legal action may be taken to remedy that breach of faith. Practitioners will learn procedural and substantive strategies to remove bad actors or invalidate powers of attorney within the guardianship forum.

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust– Drafting Considerations, Gifting Strategy, and Potential Pitfalls

Having avoided the Congressional chopping block in 2021, Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts, or SLATs, continue to be a popular gift planning vehicle for married couples. This session will explore what makes SLATs so popular, with examples of many of the common provisions and drafting considerations for these trusts. In addition, this discussion will touch on maximizing clients’ gifting strategies through one or more SLATs, the reciprocal trust doctrine, the effects of divorce, and providing flexibility for changes in circumstances.

What Was That Tax Bracket? Federal Income Tax Rules for Trusts and Estates – How to Address Common (and Not So Common) Issues

This session provides an overview of the federal income tax rules for simple and complex trusts and estates and delves into structure and planning that may be available to minimize income taxes.

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