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Elements of Illinois Law: Environmental Law 2020 Edition

This is a practical reference tool for any Illinois attorney seeking information on environmental issues.
From $35.00

Eminent Domain Practice 2020 Edition

Practical guide for attorneys representing property owners or government entities in eminent domain proceedings.
From $165.00

Environmental Law in Corporate and Real Estate Transactions 2019 Edition

This handbook is a unique resource for Illinois practitioners that balances business and real estate practice with environmental law issues.
From $165.00

Farming Law (Illinois): Property Issues 2015 Edition

Guide to real property estates at law and land trusts for the attorney representing farming clients. Includes editable forms.
From $40.00

Farming Law: Environmental, Drainage, and Wind Farms Issues 2020 Edition

This handbook, updated by attorneys at the Illinois Farm Bureau, is a practical guide to environmental issues surrounding farming law.
From $40.00

Special Districts 2019 Edition

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to Illinois’ special districts and the numerous laws that apply to those districts.
From $125.00

Environmental Due Diligence for Commercial Real Estate

Learn the differences between a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, an All Appropriate Inquiry, ASTM Standard E1527 – 13, and an Environmental Compliance Audit. Is the Client selling/buying/loaning on a commercial real estate or a going concern? What are the concerns? What contract form and clauses are you advised to consider?

Causes of Action: Real Property Actions 2021 Edition

This guide is a focused discussion of elements and pleadings for real property-related cases in Illinois.
From $80.00

Clearing the Air: Illinois Air Quality Regulation

Clearing the Air: Illinois Air Quality Regulation
Examine the complex web of air quality regulations in place in Illinois, from National Ambient Air Quality Standards to local issues like asbestos and other hazardous air pollutants. The federal Clean Air Act sets forth the regulatory framework and Illinois law fills in the details. Examine both cutting edge issues as well as practical tips and real-world examples in this in-depth discussion of Illinois air quality regulations.

Emerging Contaminants and the Safe Drinking Water Act: The Biden Effect

Emerging Contaminants and the Safe Drinking Water Act: The Biden Effect
Throughout his campaign and during the first 100 days of his administration, President Biden has promised to aggressively regulate emerging contaminants and aggressively reinvigorate the Safe Drinking Water Act. Get an update of President Biden’s efforts to regulate emerging contaminants under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Also hear other efforts by the Biden Administration to revitalize the Safe Drinking Water Act, including revisiting the recent revisions made to the Lead and Copper Rule. In addition to generally discussing these ongoing regulatory initiatives at the federal level, also discuss the status of Illinois’ ongoing efforts to address these issues.

Environmental Law Institute

Examine the changing environmental law landscape with Illinois-focused sessions presented by Illinois attorneys. The Environmental Law Institute will address the Biden-Harris Administration’s planned and expected changes to land, water, air, and commercial real estate while also providing a much-needed general overview of the need-to-know in environmental law both nationally and in Illinois.

From $300.00

Environmental Violations and Enforcement

Environmental Violations and Enforcement
Explore the mechanisms available to the State for enforcing environmental laws. Topics include the various types of environmental violations, proceedings with the Illinois EPA, enforcement by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and potential remedies and penalties. Strategies to assist regulated entities in avoiding enforcement, or with successfully navigating the enforcement process if necessary, will also be examined.

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