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Bankruptcy & Divorce – Be Prepared!

Understand the financial consequences for a divorce when one party files for bankruptcy. Is filing a joint bankruptcy in both parties’ (and the attorneys’) best interest? Appreciate the difference between Chapter 7, 13 & 11 including what can be discharged. Learn when does filing of a bankruptcy stays a divorce proceeding and how can that stay be lifted.

Beyond Disgorgement: Protecting and Collecting Attorneys’ Fees in Divorce Cases – Doing it Right & Ethically

Learn best practices for collecting attorneys’ fees by reviewing statutory provisions and relevant case law, including ethical constraints on billing and collection. Learn how to protect yourself with effective engagement letters, proper billing techniques, and more.

Business Bankruptcy Practice 2018 Edition

Is bankruptcy is the best alternative for a business client's financial problems? This handbook guides the attorney in answering that question and also instructs the reader on the practicalities of handling business bankruptcy matters.
From $175.00

Collection Litigation: Representing the Creditor 2019 Edition

This is an attorney's guide to balancing numerous cases in different locations while following both state and federal laws and regulations and also using the most effective policies and procedures to meet each client’s specific needs.
From $110.00

Collection Litigation: Representing the Debtor 2019 Edition

This practical guide, written by Daniel A. Edelman, will assist an attorney representing a debtor in a collection case.
From $75.00

Consumer Bankruptcy Practice 2018 Edition

Comprehensive reference tool for helping clients in bankruptcy proceedings
From $170.00

Consumer Protection Law 2019 Edition

This title is the attorney's guide to Illinois’ Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act and related statutes.
From $125.00

Creditor Issues Under the Illinois Trust Code

The Illinois Trust Code codifies the rules as to creditor’s rights to attach beneficial interests of settlors and beneficiaries. Learn these rules and pick up some drafting tips to protect beneficiaries.

Creditors' Rights 2019 Edition

This guide presents practical information on creditors’ rights issues, including new S.Ct. Rule 280.
From $170.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Bankruptcy and Collections 2019 Edition

This title assists attorneys dealing with complicated bankruptcy and collection issues under the Bankruptcy Code.
From $30.00

Predatory Mortgage Lending And Servicing 2019 Edition

Written by Daniel A. Edelman, this is an essential resource for attorneys defending homeowners against abusive lending practices.
From $150.00

Causes of Action: Consumer Actions 2020 Edition

Practical guide to causes of action in consumer actions.
From $95.00

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