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Asset Protection Planning 2018 Edition

This valuable guide assists attorneys in choosing the most effective means for protecting a client’s marital, family, and business assets while navigating tricky areas such as offshore trusts to avoid improper transfers.
From $165.00

Business Valuation to Discover The Games People Play

Understand the business valuation report prepared by a valuator skilled in valuations for divorce and how to use various pieces of the expert’s report. Learn how a business valuation expert can help develop the owner’s true economic income for support, find hidden assets, and trace source of assets.

Commercial and Industrial Loan Documentation 2018 Edition

The sophisticated guidance in this handbook for bankers, bank counsel, real estate attorneys, and others involved in the lending process is the product of the author’s many years of documenting, administering, and enforcing loan documentation.
From $175.00

Creditors' Rights 2019 Edition

This guide presents practical information on creditors’ rights issues, including new S.Ct. Rule 280.
From $170.00

Elements of Illinois Law: Bankruptcy and Collections 2019 Edition

This title assists attorneys dealing with complicated bankruptcy and collection issues under the Bankruptcy Code.
From $30.00

Guaranty Formulaw Form

This form requires TheFormTool PRO software plug-in.

Loan and Security Agreement Form

This form requires TheFormTool PRO software plug-in.

Modern Land Trust Practice 2020 Edition

Written by David J. Lanciotti, this comprehensive manual details every aspect of land trusts from the traditional use to the modern consolidations of today.
From $165.00

Nuts & Bolts of Decanting a Trust

A comparison of the various scenarios in which a trust can be decanted under the Illinois Trust Code and a discussion of the step-by-step processes needed for a valid decanting in each scenario.

Practical Considerations for Administering Special Needs Trusts

Learn from a panel of trust officers about best practices for administering special needs trusts, including how to effectively title assets and handle tax issues.

Preparing for and Conducting the Financial Expert’s Deposition in a Divorce Case

Depositions are a discovery device and can be an important part of fully preparing your case, not only for trial, but for settlement. Through the use of videos of actual depositions as a learning tool, gain important tips about the art of taking a deposition in a divorce case. You will also learn about the documents and testimony that are relevant during the deposition of the financial expert.

Pros & Cons of Using a Professional Trustee

One of the most consequential decisions (and often the last one) in estate planning is trustee selection. The trustee who seems like the most ideal choice at first glance may not necessarily have the diversity of subject matter expertise and oversight to allow for continuous, efficient, and robust administration. Learn about important considerations for trustee selection, the pros and cons of including a professional fiduciary in your estate plan, and how to counsel clients to make informed choices when crafting an estate plan and choosing a trustee.

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