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Annual Symposium with the Judges (A Law Bulletin Seminars Program, Powered by IICLE)

With the court constantly changing general administrative orders to safely adapt to the effects of COVID-19, this year’s program will provide sitting judges from Cook County a forum to share timely advice on how to move cases forward in these unprecedented times. The judges will field questions, offer candid advice, provide valuable advocacy tips and reveal policies and procedures unique to COVID and their courtrooms.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $0.00

Labor Law: Unfair Labor Practices 2021 Edition

This is an essential handbook covering unfair labor practices and other issues in the labor law setting.
From $130.00

Estate Planning Forms and Commentary: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts 2021 Edition

This handbook is a guide to drafting irrevocable life insurance trusts and includes 16 forms that can be tailored to your clients’ needs.
From $225.00

AAML-IL Understanding Business Valuations (Powered by IICLE)

Learn more about the basic concepts in business valuation by recognizing the methods typically utilized to value a business or ownership interest and gain an understanding of their basic application. We will identify common normalizing adjustments and assess their impact on value; reconcile values derived from multiple valuation approaches; discuss personal versus enterprise goodwill and how one goes about attempting to quantify them. You will come away with a better understanding of how a business valuation is constructed and how to tear one apart.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $50.00

AAML-IL Understanding Custody (Parental Responsibilities) Evaluations (Powered by IICLE)

Understanding how child custody evaluators conduct their evaluations is critical to being able to evaluate if it is a trustworthy and reliable evaluation. This webinar will help attorneys and judges understand the standards and guidelines that evaluators should follow. This will help lead to better examinations of evaluators in the courtroom.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $50.00

School Law: Organization, Finance, and Property 2021 Edition

This handbook covers issues facing school boards and community college boards, including civil rights litigation, tort liability, construction, property, finance, elections, and technology in education.
From $170.00

Municipal Law: Financing, Tax, and Municipal Property 2021 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Essential guide covering Illinois municipal law.
From $165.00

State and Local Taxation 2021 Edition (COMING SOON)

PRE-ORDER Essential guide for attorneys dealing with complicated tax issues.
From $180.00

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