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Attorneys' Legal Liability 2018 Edition

The subjects of this handbook include ethical duties and sources of potential legal liability for Illinois attorneys, including malpractice implications.
From $170.00

Attorney's Networking Handbook (The) 2016 Edition

ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT! This handbook guides lawyers and legal professionals in the art and science of navigating the saturated legal business market and acquiring new clientele.
From $20.00

Bankruptcy & Divorce – Be Prepared!

Understand the financial consequences for a divorce when one party files for bankruptcy. Is filing a joint bankruptcy in both parties’ (and the attorneys’) best interest? Appreciate the difference between Chapter 7, 13 & 11 including what can be discharged. Learn when does filing of a bankruptcy stays a divorce proceeding and how can that stay be lifted.

Bankruptcy and Workouts for General Business Lawyers

Small business owners need to assess the viability of their business and, if unable to become profitable, consider closing the doors to avoid personal liability. We will review the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options available to small businesses to wind down their affairs, including the newly enacted Subchapter V Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA). Congress created the SBRA to streamline the Chapter 11 process for small businesses.

Best Practices for Appearing in Family Law Court and Other Tips from the Trenches

Learn about duties pursuant to the 900 Series, including settlement efforts; how and when to issue reports or memoranda, and timing issues related thereto; and other discretionary matters.

Best Practices for Handling Social Media in Local Government Law

Learn best practices for handling social media issues in the context of local government practice.

Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings and Public Hearings

Following nine months of attending numerous virtual board meetings and hearings, Steve and Julie return to the virtual stage to share their experiences. In their typical interactive style, they will discuss lessons they’ve learned over the past nine months and offer guidance on advising clients on how to conduct virtual meetings and hearings in compliance with the Open Meetings Act and guidance from the Attorney General’s Office. They will also provide best practice tips for conducting executive sessions virtually.

Beyond Disgorgement: Protecting and Collecting Attorneys’ Fees in Divorce Cases – Doing it Right & Ethically

Learn best practices for collecting attorneys’ fees by reviewing statutory provisions and relevant case law, including ethical constraints on billing and collection. Learn how to protect yourself with effective engagement letters, proper billing techniques, and more.

Beyond Taxes: Securities Law Considerations for the Estate Planner

Securities law is interwoven in planning for clients across the estate planning spectrum, including public company executives, entrepreneurs, fund managers, and family offices. Explore various compliance requirements and planning alternatives from the perspectives of a corporate attorney, an estate planner, and a corporate fiduciary. Learn about practical application of the securities laws, emphasizing situations that repeatedly arise in the context of estate planning and trust administration, including: accredited investors and qualified purchasers; special provisions applicable to trusts and closely held entities; information disclosure requirements and anti-fraud provisions; and registration requirements and relevant exemptions.

Bias has Been Eliminated... Hypothetically Speaking

The occurrence of stereotypically outlandish bias has decreased in recent years (thankfully). But that doesn't mean that we’ve eliminated bias from the profession. In fact, it unfortunately continues to exist in more subtle ways. Join the “CLE Performer,” Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he explores implicit bias, uses several hypothetical examples to reveal how bias manifests itself in the practice…and gives a few ideas about what lawyers can do to eliminate it from the profession.

Biden Administration Employment Law Update – What Can We Expect?

How will the Biden-Harris administration approach the independent contractor/employee dilemma? Wage and hour law? Interpretation and enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act? What new initiatives, regulations and legislation should we expect?

Boards Behaving Badly/How to Maintain Civility in the Local Government Law Practice

Learn tips and guidance on how to deal with difficult situations and officials, while not losing your cool. Originally presented as part of the 7th Annual Local Government Law Institute, available in its entirety as P9017-19U.

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