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6th Annual Workers' Compensation Institute: Handling Difficult Cases (2019)

The 2019 Annual Workers’ Compensation Institute offers more than 6 hours of training focused on strategies and tactics for the difficult workers' compensation cases.
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Case Law Update - Workers’ Compensation (2020)

Learn about Illinois Appellate Court cases that significantly impact the practice, with important insights for both Petitioner’s and Respondent’s attorneys. Supreme Court Rule 138 and 735 ILCS 5/8-2901 will also be discussed.

Estate Planning for Undocumented Families

Many undocumented families with children born either in the U.S. or abroad are not ready to protect their assets or the welfare of their minor children if faced with deportation (or even detention pending deportation). This seminar offers simple estate planning tools that can be used to protect assets and minor children of undocumented immigrants. These very same tools are just as effective for those undocumented individuals who are single and/or who have no children, but have assets in the U.S.

Ethical Concerns Presented by Handling Workers' Compensation Cases for Undocumented Immigrants

What substantive rights are available for undocumented immigrants under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act? Work through practical problems presenting ethical issues for both Petitioner’s and Respondent’s attorneys. Learn how immigration status affects vocational rehabilitation and how those vocational issues influence decisions made by attorneys. Understand the judicial viewpoint about the ethical dilemmas presented by these cases.

Responding to ICE Immigration Actions - What to Do if ICE Knocks on My Door

Learn about what rights people have, what happens once they are detained by ICE, and what they can do beforehand to protect themselves and their family members. There are several new laws that were passed in Illinois to protect our youth immigrants, including the extension of the short-term guardianship in case parents are detained by ICE and are unavailable.