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Fiduciary Duties and Fiduciary Succession Issues Under the Illinois Trust Code

Learn whether the Illinois Trust Code imposes new fiduciary duties on trustees or changes any of the existing fiduciary duties and how the Illinois Trust Code addresses trustee resignation, removals, and vacancies, as well as the rights and obligations of a trustee who resigns or is removed.

Important Takeaways on the Illinois Trust Code for Drafters & for Fiduciaries

Learn important takeaways for both the drafters and the fiduciaries. For the Drafters - Review common trust provisions impacted by the Illinois Trust Code and trust drafting tips. For the Fiduciaries - Understand what steps fiduciaries (individuals or corporations) should be taking prior to and after the effective date of the Illinois Trust Code as well as the impact of the Code on how fiduciaries administer trusts.

Notice and Accounting to Beneficiaries Under the Illinois Trust Code

Learn which beneficiaries are entitled to receive accountings and copies of the trust instrument under the Illinois Trust Code. Get details about which trusts the rules apply to, whether the grantor can change these rights in the trust instrument, and what other information the trustee is required to provide to beneficiaries.

Revocable Trusts Under the Illinois Trust Code

Review new statutory provisions consistent with Illinois common law governing revocable trusts and learn about a new statute of limitations applicable to trust contests in the absence of a probated will.

The NEW Illinois Trust Code: A Generation in the Making

On July 12, Governor Pritzker signed Illinois House Bill 1471 into law, creating the brand-new Illinois Trust Code. This legislation will have huge impacts on Illinois estate planners’ practices. Learn everything you need to know about this new law from the committee that drafted it!
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Who’s Representing Who? The Who, What, Where and Why of Representation Under the Illinois Trust Code

Understand when and for what purposes a representative can act on behalf of and bind a beneficiary.