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Affordable Housing Development

The lack of affordable housing continues to challenge our communities and impacts a wide spectrum of people – from homeless youth and families to seniors, immigrants, working families, and individuals with disabilities. The need for affordable housing presents different challenges in different locations-- from gentrification in appreciating markets to the need for revitalization and redevelopment in others. Explore a variety of federal, state, and local financing and policy tools (from the City of Chicago’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance to federal and state tax credits) that can be used to create, preserve and expand affordable housing in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Elder Law Planning with Retirement Benefits

Understand the basics of retirement benefits and relevant tax issues specific to planning with retirement assets in an elder law context.

Estate Planning for the 99%

Do most of your clients have estates worth less than $4M? If so, this program is for you. It covers issues that are more common for those estates unaffected by current tax laws.
From $300.00

Federal Income Taxation for Estate Planning & Administration (2019)

Understand recent (2019) developments in income tax matters and the impact on estate planning and administration.

Illinois Law: Estate Planning Case Decisions & Trends (2019)

Updates on cases and Illinois legislation specifically applicable to estate planning, estate taxation, trusts, and more.

I'm Middle-Class; Why Do I Need to Worry About Estate Taxes?

Learn how to plan for the risk that the Illinois estate tax might be assessed, even when the risk is a possibility rather than a probability. Consider several applicable estate planning techniques which will help reduce or eliminate the imposition of the Illinois estate tax for couples who have accumulated over $4.0 million of combined assets (including house, retirement benefits, life insurance, etc.). Understand portability under the federal estate tax.

Just Passing Through: The 20 Percent Deduction for Qualified Business Income

With federal estate tax estimated to affect only 1-in-1,500 families under current law, income tax planning has taken on greater importance. Section 199A of the Internal Revenue Code allows owners of pass-through entities to deduct up to 20% of their qualified business income (QBI) … but the statute and proposed regulations are fraught with peril. Are the potential benefits worth it? If so, will the client qualify? These and many other questions will be addressed … some definitively!

Planning for the Transition of Family Owned Businesses & Farms

Understand the estate planning techniques and tools that can be used to transition a family owned business or farm to a spouse, children and more remote generations.