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Laying Foundations for Introducing Evidence

Helpful demonstrations by experienced litigators will increase your ability to get evidence (even the digital kind!) admitted. With a practical, step-by-step approach, you'll learn why and how to lay proper evidentiary foundations, how to respond to objections, and how to preserve your record if foundational objections are sustained. In addition, state and federal court judges share their perspectives on best practices and biggest challenges.
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The Benefits of Laying a Proper Foundation for Evidence

Why is it so important to lay a proper foundation? How can you effectively to respond to objections and preserve the record when foundational objections are sustained? This course answers these questions, with special emphasis on: potential benefits (and drawbacks) of laying a proper foundation; strategic use of foundational questions; avoiding foundational problems, such as stipulations, witnesses, and keepers-of-records; judge-specific procedures for laying foundations vs. stipulations; making and responding to foundational objections; and preserving the record.