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Advocating for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Learn how to be an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. Survivors of abuse may have special needs and concerns while working their way through the legal system. Without an advocate who understands these needs, they may not feel safe turning to the court for help and the cycle of abuse will continue. After this session, attendees will better understand how to help domestic violence survivors navigate through the court setting.

Elder Care Attorney: First and Last Line of Defense

Many individuals believe that when they sign their Advance Directive and Health Care Surrogate forms, they have taken care of their future medical preferences. In fact, there any many medical, institutional and practical obstacles that can negatively impact on these documents being honored. Hospitals raise religious objections, assisted living facilities deny patients’ rights to refuse medical care, and surrogates lack full knowledge of how decisions will impact on the patient’s quality of life. The Elder Care Lawyer role is transitioning to a continuum of oversight, ensuring that documents evolve to reflect current preferences, that surrogates remain capable and that patient rights are respected by medical staff. The increased litigation over wrongful prolongation of life indicates that earlier involvement by Elder Care attorneys is critical to avoid unnecessary suffering. This course will discuss patient rights, as well as how and why they are too often ignored. It will focus on legal avenues to address these issues and also provide information on how to advise clients seeking autonomy as they face end of life issues.

Long Term Care Insurance: Understanding the Contract and Avoiding Denials

As Baby Boomers age, there has been an increase in the number of long-term care policies that come thru an attorney’s office for review. This session will review the main parts of a long-term care contract and the key benefit features clients and attorneys will want to know as they consider making a claim. The session will also go over the document-intensive claim process and the most common pitfalls that cause a claim denial. We will cover best strategies and resources for families who are managing a claim. With this information, attorneys should be armed to better advise their clients about how to use this valuable resource.

Elder Law from a Financial Perspective

This course highlights some of the common scenarios banks encounter when dealing with elderly customers, their family, and their agents. Having a knowledge of what banks require and why they act as they do lessens the frustrations everyone feels when dealing with the sensitive subject of money.