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Adoption Law 2020 Edition

This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys and other professionals handling adoption matters, including international adoptions.
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Allowance & Elections Against the Will

Upon the death of a spouse, how can the surviving spouse ensure economic survival? What if the decedent spouse did not provide for the surviving spouse under the estate plan? How does the survivor manage financial affairs during the course of administration? What rights do minor children have? Find out how these matters are handled in the course of estate administration.

Domestic Relations Guardian Ad Litem Training

Guardian Ad Litem Training presented by the DuPage County Bar Association, November 2019

Estate Planning for the 99%

Do most of your clients have estates worth less than $4M? If so, this program is for you. It covers issues that are more common for those estates unaffected by current tax laws.
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Estate Planning for Undocumented Families

Many undocumented families with children born either in the U.S. or abroad are not ready to protect their assets or the welfare of their minor children if faced with deportation (or even detention pending deportation). This seminar offers simple estate planning tools that can be used to protect assets and minor children of undocumented immigrants. These very same tools are just as effective for those undocumented individuals who are single and/or who have no children, but have assets in the U.S.

Exploring the Playground of Estate Planning for Minors

Take a comprehensive look at the planning issues facing parents of minor children. From naming guardians to protecting assets, ensuring that their children will be taken care of is the chief priority for these clients.

Guardians ad Litem and Gathering Information from Third Parties

As part of investigations, a guardian ad litem relies on third parties. Learn about investigations, when and how to perform discovery, filing motions, the impact of HIPAA, Illinois Mental Health and Disabilities Code, Federal Confidentiality Act, and more.

Lessons Learned Through COVID-19: Utilizing Technology to Move Your Family Law Practice Forward - Sponsored by Our Family Wizard

reality we are all facing where in person litigation, mediation, and even client meetings might not be possible or might need to be modified. Technology that can assist you, including online co-parenting communication tools such as Our Family Wizard, will be highlighted.
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