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Educating the Guardian

You filed the petition, presented the medical report and got the guardian appointed. So, what’s next? The best way to make sure that things go smoothly in court for the duration of the guardianship is to do a good job educating the guardian. If the guardian understands the budgeting process, basic accounting principles and the role of the court, things are likely to go well. If they don’t, you can expect to be over budget and trying to explain how things went wrong to the judge. This presentation will review some common misunderstandings that guardians have about the process and discuss strategies to help the guardian stay on track.

Forms, Orders and Findings: Practical tips and Suggestions in Adult Guardianship Proceedings

This session will explore key provisions of the Adult Guardianship pleading forms for multiple counties and provide tips on how to present the most persuasive case on paper. Suggested Court Orders will be discussed, including various findings that should be included in an Order when a guardian is appointed. We will also provide pointers for practitioners when serving as counsel for non-appointed parties, specifically in relation to Orders entered in the guardianship proceedings.