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Chancery and Special Remedies 2017 Edition

This handbook is a practical guide to the system of jurisprudence administered in courts of equity.
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Drafting and Filing Citations and Injunctions to Recover Money and Property for a Person with a Disability

Financial exploitation of the elderly and people with disabilities is becoming more prevalent. Learn to freeze assets by filing pleadings to obtain recovery of money or property. Get step-by-step instructions on how the Probate Act allows the practitioner to recover assets; seek and obtain information and documentation which assist in the recovery of assets; and enjoin assets of the exploiter. Hypothetical and actual cases are presented and sample pleadings used in the litigation of these matters are provided.

Ethical Obligations When Representing Fiduciaries

Court-appointed guardians sometimes make mistakes that put them in the judge’s cross-hairs. Whether they’ve moved grandma without alerting the court or given themselves and other family members gifts, guardians sometimes make decisions that garner negative attention and require explanation. This presentation shares scenarios in which guardians have found themselves in trouble, and equips attorneys with guidelines toward coaching guardians away from making mistakes and putting themselves at risk.

Interesting Issues in Fiduciary Litigation

Learn about opportunities for the prepared and pitfalls facing the unwary in fiduciary litigation. Of particular focus are actions arising from recent elder-abuse legislation, including the Presumptively Void Transfers Act and the recently-amended Financial Exploitation of the Elderly Act.

Responding to ICE Immigration Actions - What to Do if ICE Knocks on My Door

Learn about what rights people have, what happens once they are detained by ICE, and what they can do beforehand to protect themselves and their family members. There are several new laws that were passed in Illinois to protect our youth immigrants, including the extension of the short-term guardianship in case parents are detained by ICE and are unavailable.