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4th Annual Special Needs Institute: What's New? What's True? (2020)

The 2020 IICLE® Special Needs Institute offers direct instruction from seasoned special needs law practitioners, practical takeaways, and special insights from government officials regarding how they review special needs trusts.
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Advanced Practice Tips Concerning Government Benefits and Waivers

Take a deeper dive into nuanced aspects and rule changes relating to SSI, SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid, and waiver programs to better protect your clients' benefits and programs.

Guardianship and the Alternatives

The guardianship process can be tricky. Understand its nuances and complications that can arise. The impact of regional differences on court proceedings is also discussed.

Illinois Trust Code and the SECURE Act for Special Needs Trust Attorneys and Trustees

Learn about drafting considerations after the enactment of the Illinois Trust Code and the SECURE Act and understand the practical implications for SNT trust administration.

Overview of Special Needs Planning Basics

Special needs planning is not just a third-party or a first-party special needs trust. It is not just estate planning. In this session, learn basics of drafting and get suggestions for helpful additional provisions to include in special needs trusts. Understand how to effectively prepare for and conduct the initial consultation. We will also discuss topics you should cover, in addition to estate planning, such as the who, what, why, where and how of accessing the Illinois “maze” of services for individuals with special needs.

Pros & Cons of Using a Professional Trustee

One of the most consequential decisions (and often the last one) in estate planning is trustee selection. The trustee who seems like the most ideal choice at first glance may not necessarily have the diversity of subject matter expertise and oversight to allow for continuous, efficient, and robust administration. Learn about important considerations for trustee selection, the pros and cons of including a professional fiduciary in your estate plan, and how to counsel clients to make informed choices when crafting an estate plan and choosing a trustee.

Social Security Reviews of Special Needs Trusts for SSI Beneficiaries

Learn about the Social Security Administration’s trust policy and review process for determining SSI eligibility.

Special Needs Trusts

Learn what is new and exciting in the world of special needs trusts, and how to draft trusts that will not create malpractice claims. Originally presented as part of the 63rd Estate Planning Short Course, available in its entirety as P9004-20U.

Special-Needs Trusts 2020 Edition

Comprehensive resource for assisting clients with special needs
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Trusts and Medicaid Eligibility

Understand when, why and how the State of Illinois reviews trusts, including both 3rd party and 1st party (OBRA/d4A) trusts, when determining Medicaid eligibility.

Practical Considerations for Administering Special Needs Trusts

Learn from a panel of trust officers about best practices for administering special needs trusts, including how to effectively title assets and handle tax issues.

Special Education Due-Process Litigation 2016 Edition

This title covers special education issues arising under the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the Illinois School Code.
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