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Cannabis DUI in Illinois

Cannabis laws have changed dramatically in Illinois in the past few years. Learn how these changes (and more) have impacted DUI cases.

Criminal Law / Animal Law Panel

Illinois law provides for criminal liability relating to animals. This course focuses on the statute that prohibits an owner from keeping a pet outside in inclement weather as well as the manner in which dangerous vs. vicious dogs are investigated and reviewed.

DUI Trial Academy: Direct and Cross Examination

This program is tightly focused on direct and cross-examination skills for DUI trials. Seasoned litigators instruct on best practices for examining police officers and expert witnesses who often testify at DUI trials and a judge advises on how attorneys can most successfully present their cases.
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Great Adverse Depositions: Principles & Principal Techniques

Taking high-quality adverse depositions is the most important teachable litigation skill. It requires the conscientious application of an integrated set of logical cross-examination rules, the very set of rules that law schools should have offered to their third-years in a full-semester course, and litigation law firms should have taught their newbies (and their partners) … but never, ever did! Thus, mediocre adverse depositions abound, while high-quality ones are a rarity. Using engaging video clips from high-profile cross-examinations, this program brilliantly – and efficiently – teaches how to take adverse depositions the right way: as an intellectually rigorous discipline.
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Illinois Good Samaritan Statutes

Explore the Illinois Good Samaritan Statutes with an overview of the laws and a discussion on the case of first impression, People v. Teper 2016IL App (2d) 160063, and subsequent case People v. Markham, 2019IL App (3d)180071.

Illinois Supreme Court Criminal Cases Year in Review (2018)

A discussion of significant criminal cases decided by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2018.

Motion Practice to Limit or Exclude Officer and Expert Testimony at DUI Trial

Effective motion practice can be used to limit, exclude, or suppress witness testimony. In this course, you'll learn to identify whether the officer can use her report while testifying and when the report may be used as evidence. You'll also learn whether you must disclose the defense expert and the expert's notes or reports.

Software Overview for Digital Management of Criminal Practice

Learn about key digital tools to increase productivity and organization in a criminal defense practice and how to best organize a practice or legal office to increase efficiency and responsiveness to clients.