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Remote Control – The Status of RIN and RON in Illinois

The pandemic brought remote closings to the forefront of real estate transactions across the country and showed that Illinois was a little behind the curve. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and between the Governor’s Executive Orders, guidance from the Illinois Secretary of State, and finally the passing of a RON statute, Illinois is embracing technology and is ready for the future of real estate transactions. This program will discuss the various types of electronic closings, the birth of Remote Ink Notarization (RIN), the long road to Remote Online Notarization (RON) in Illinois and discuss some of the key provisions of the RON/RIN Statute, along with the other statutes relevant to RON and RIN.

Law and Economics: COVID-19 Economic Development and Municipal Finance Updates

As the COVID-19 pandemic led to sudden economic meltdown, local governments and their business communities faced serious financial challenges. The impact of the crisis on the private sector has had real implications for the financial health of the public sector. Understand the current state of financial conditions for local governments, including the public finance market. We also will discuss initiatives taken at the state and local level to support local governments and their businesses.

Navigating First and Second Amendment Rights in the Face of Modern Social Upheaval: COVID, Police, Protests, Civil Unrest, and the 2020 Election

Learn about current challenges to rights guaranteed under the First and Second Amendment. Understand recent case law and how the pandemic, protests and riots impact the rights of speech, assembly, and petition, as well as the right to bear arms. Get guidance on maintaining public safety while preserving these fundamental rights in the context of an extraordinary new world.

Local Government Bells That Can’t Be Unrung After COVID-19

Each member of our top-notch faculty will discuss “new” developments that will likely continue after the pandemic ends.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) & CARES Act: How Have They Affected the Workplace?

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for employers and employees. Collectively, we have survived shutdowns, furloughs, sickness, re-opening, and now managing a back to school season like nothing the country has seen in the past. Look back at the last six months to hear lessons learned from the pandemic and key points of the FFCRA and the CARES that apply in the days ahead.

Disaster and Succession Planning for Law Firms: How to Prepare for Unpredictable Events

Sponsored by Clio: Considering how your law firm will react to the unexpected—and developing strategic plans of action for these events—can protect your clients and prevent your practice from coming to a screeching halt, especially with new situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic.
You’ll learn:
  • The ethical obligations that shape how you should prepare for disasters and succession at your law firm
  • The policies and procedures necessary for ensuring that your firm can react effectively to the unexpected
  • How legal technology can help provide peace of mind in the face of uncertainty
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The COVID Impact on Property Tax Assessments, Bills, and the Local Tax Base

Assessors and treasurers state-wide are adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, in some cases, by departing from longstanding assessing principles, and traditional property tax due installment due dates. The COVID-19 pandemic will also have deep implications for the budgets of most of the 7,000+ taxing districts in Illinois. Come learn about the short term and longer term effects of COVID-19 on state and local taxes in Illinois.

Representing the LCA Client: COVID and the Workplace

Gain a working knowledge of the legal framework surrounding the return to work of artists and arts organizations in the wake of COVID-19.