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8 Mistakes Even Experienced Real Property Lawyers Usually Make

Even experienced real property lawyers make some of the most common commercial leasing drafting errors. Using examples from recent high-profile transactions, this course offers practical and eminently useful recommendations to help avoid these drafting errors, improve the quality of any drafting project, and build a stronger professional reputation.

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Business Succession Planning: Understanding the Interactions between Business, Tax and Emotional Aspects

This series covers succession planning basics; employment law for business sellers; the ins and outs of estate planning for closely-held businesses; understanding transactions; understanding family business, shared wealth and power; and transitioning out of the business.
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Causes of Action: Contract and Business Disputes 2021 Edition

This reference is a focused review of the elements and pleadings for various contract and business-related cases.
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Resolving COVID-19 Contract Disputes

COVID-19 has significantly impacted many businesses’ ability to perform their existing commercial contracts and agreements as promised. In this two-part course, you will learn about specific contractual provisions that may provide relief as the parties seek to determine their rights to enforce (or to be excused from) performance and will examine external sources that clarify and define the parties’ rights and obligations when strict compliance with the contract isn’t possible.
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What Litigators Should Know About Contract Drafting

What should litigators know about drafting contracts? In a word, EVERYTHING! Litigators regularly draft settlement agreements, waivers, and releases as part of litigation practice and often draft other contracts as well; however, the objectives of contract drafting differ from the objectives of other forms of legal writing. This means even experienced litigators' contract drafting skills may be woefully deficient until they take proactive steps to learn best drafting practices. This program presents seven practical techniques to significantly improve drafting competency in just one hour!

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
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