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Zoning Disputes

This program offers best practices for dealing with controversial land use applications, contested hearings, and legal disputes, including tips for dealing with objecting neighbors, conflicts of interest, frontage protests, split boards and councils, changing political winds, and other controversial situations.

Advanced Family Law Methods - Reunification Therapy as a Resource in Mediation (WBAI)

Join ADR Systems and WBAI's discussion regarding reunification therapy as a tool used in mediation. Dr. David Finn and Dr. Gail Grossman will discuss the components of reunification therapy. The mental health professionals will also discuss the practicalities of reunification therapy. Judge Helaine Berger and Amy Gertler will introduce a fact pattern for discussion and debate among panelists and attendees and will discuss the court’s approach to use of reunification therapy and mediation. Dr. Finn and Dr. Grossman will leave the audience with boundaries and best practices for practitioners and mediators alike when dealing with high conflict cases involving reunification therapy and mediation.